March 29, 2014

Guest Post: Lindsay of Linzeelu, Thank You

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Hello fabulous Stilettos & Diaper Bags readers! My name is Lindsay and I have a little blog called Linzeelu, Thank You where I like to share all the things that inspire me, be it interior design (mostly interior design), fashion, prints, patterns, tv shows or whatever else I find over on Pinterest! I have known Lisa for many years and I vividly remember the day she called me up to tell me she started a blog. It has been so fun watching her blog, as well as her style (and closet!) grow and evolve, and I am so excited to be filling in for her today. I have a deep passion (as well as a bachelor's degree!) for interior design, so I relate most things on my blog back to that. One column I particularly enjoy is my Fashion To Front Room posts. I love translating fabulous style into a great room or tie in runway trends with real world design ideas! For this post, I dug through Lisa's Dream Closet Pinterest board for ideas! Let's start off with everyone's favorite jungle cat: Leopard. Now you know how to rock this when heading out and about, but did you know a few feline touches in the right spot & the right proportion, can give major wow?! Fashion To Front Room: Lovely In Leopard | Linzeelu Thank You 
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 Pattern & Texture are paramount in great style & great design. Finding the right balance between the two is what elevates the look to a whole other level! Fashion To Front Room: Pattern and Texture | Linzeelu Thank You 
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 There's something luxe about things that shimmer just right. We all have that perfect sequined garment hanging in our closet. Shine a little light with a little sparkle on a special corner in your home! Light fixtures, metallic accents or a subtle sheen are a great place to start. Fashion To Front Room: Silver Sheen | Linzeelu Thank You 
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 I hope you enjoyed my Fashion To Front Room post. I did include one more over on my blog for you to check out, if you are interested in more! I hope to see you over there! xx, Linzeelu, Thank You

Thank you so much Lindsay for guest posting for me today! I super love how you tie street style and fashion into interior design. You are so creative and talented and I am glad to not only call you a blogger friend, but a real life friend. 
I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did! Make sure to head over to Lindsay's blog and show her some love !

March 28, 2014

Guest Post: Johanna of 101 Things I Love

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I like to think of myself as a pencil skirt aficionado. In fact, it's the most worn item in my closet. Yes, over jeans. 

I've learned that not all pencil skirts are created equal either. The fit is key. It has to hug in the right places without being too tight thus showcasing your flaws. You mommas might be able to relate to this topic as I struggle with it daily! 

I love pencil skirts for their femininity and because it takes zero brain effort to complete an outfit. It really is the outfit!

photography by Cleodine Photography
My favorite two pencil skirts are this one in wool and this one. I have my eye on this one and I am dying to get my hands on this mint skirt for Spring. Truly, I've had the best luck with the J.Crew versions which are a bit pricer but worth the investment because they hold up amazingly well.

Onto the good stuff...what's the best way to rock a pencil skirt? Here are my rules:

  1. Contrasting brights will always look sharp together. Think of Starburst colors!
  2. Monochromatic is surprisingly easy as well. Choose one hue and throw it all together with a hot statement necklace.
  3. Watch your silhouette. It's perfectly acceptable to wear a chunkier knit or loose blouse tucked into your skirt. Skin tight tops = not on trend. The key is to offset the fitted look of the skirt and balance it with a looser top.
  4. Generally speaking, a fitted pencil skirt is sexy and professional. No need for plunging necklines. 
  5. Opt for a midi pencil skirt that hits below the knees. With pumps, even the most vertically challenged women (me!) will appear leaner and taller!
  6. If you're going to invest...opt for one colorful skirt and a classic color like black. You can't go wrong!
P.S. Don't forget a cute clutch. Consider this your finishing piece!

For more outfit inspiration, follow along on my blog or any one of my social media handles:
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Thanks for having me Lisa! Enjoy your trip!

Thank you so much for the guest post Johanna! This gal not only has great style, but she is also a fellow blogger mom. I mean, can you believe she has two small girls?! I hope you enjoy her style as much as I do.  Make sure you head over and check out her blog and show her some love!

March 27, 2014

Guest Post: Lisa of Double Door Ranch

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Hi everyone,
I’m thrilled to be today’s guest blogger on SADB! While I may be a far cry from the fashion maven that Lisa is, I have managed to amass a healthy collection of accessories over the years. If left unchecked, all those shoes, purses, and jewelry can add up and quickly take over your house!
For me to stay organized, everything I own needs to have a home. With a full-time job, a busy home project schedule, a side business in the works, a clingy chihuahua, and a major Netflix addiction, I need to make it as easy as possible for me to keep my house clean on auto-pilot. So I took half of my closet and turned it into an organization station for my various accessories.
I started with large and small Billy bookcases from Ikea to get a handle on my shoes and bags. I don’t like that cardboard backing stuff, so Ieft that off for now. I’d love to attach some reclaimed wood boards, or even fun graphic wallpaper on the back for a touch of whimsy. Just like accessorizing, decorating should be fun and make you happy!
As for my jewelry, I keep my smaller items, like rings, earrings, and watches in these two ceramic egg crates. I love using items in unexpected ways like this. 
To keep my necklaces organized and tangle-free, I built this simple hook system using a scrap pine 1 x 4 and a variety of drawer knobs I found at World Market. I just stained the board and drilled small holes to accommodate the knobs, then screwed the whole thing to the wall. Easy peasy!
And I dare you to find a woman who wouldn’t like a blue giraffe to wear her necklaces for her. Betcha can’t do it. 
Thanks for taking a peek inside my work-in-progress accessories closet. I love taking my time and letting a space evolve. Looks like it might be time to expand again soon!  To see more of my projects, and how I’m renovating and modernizing my 60’s ranch house, visit me over at Double Door Ranch!

Thank you so much Lisa for doing a guest post for me! Everyone make sure you head over to Double Door Ranch to see more amazing DIY's and home projects.