May 30, 2014

Recipe: The Perfect Steak Sandwich

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The hubby was at it again and this time he was on the hunt for the perfect steak sandwich. 
He found an amazing one on Smitten Foodie and we mixed it up a bit to fit our tastes and dietary needs. 

Here is what you need: 
1 8oz sirloin steak
arugula, spinach or lettuce
2 crusty hoagie rolls
for the sauce
4 tbls greek yogurt
1 tsp whorchestershire sauce
1 garlic clove-minced
1 tsp parsley
1/4 cup blue cheese crumbles (we subbed this one out for goat cheese!) 
pinch of black pepper
makes 2 sandwiches
 photo ae0c371e-62dd-4c78-99c7-f1968796d384_zpsc5ebd5ab.jpg
Mix everything together in a bowl for the sauce and set aside.
Grill you steak in a pan or on the grill. Slice in strips.
Put meat, sauce, and arugula all on your bread of choice.
 photo 6d2782a6-cd7c-4784-bea1-3315746bd8d9_zps3297b25e.jpg
Here is the finished product:
 photo 2c8a5379-fa03-47f0-8b11-9c0aa37a5866_zps2d5c6c9c.jpg

This sandwich was out of control good! We don't eat gluten super often, but it was just for the adults so Ryan went for it. We also used goat cheese instead of blue cheese and it was a delicious change up for sure.

How do you make steak sandwiches? Would you try this recipe?

May 29, 2014

Outfit: Ready For the Weekend

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 photo c0930ef6-5dfe-4245-b76d-82fd33d582f7_zpsd009b1c4.jpg  photo 02c7561f-0944-428d-b637-f1b8f79505ea_zps07b0840c.jpg  photo 7078045e-3b91-49ad-88af-851850d3cca5_zps8deb29de.jpg  photo 92d96368-8fd3-4a03-af41-c09fede45d55_zps0cd315e3.jpg
Last Friday I had two things to do. Attend my son's kindergarten recital (he's such a great singer!) and head up north to our family lake house for Memorial Day weekend.

I love a great print short and decided to keep it casual but chic by adding an oversized crop top and denim jacket. The look was easy and took me from day to night without having to change a thing.
 photo 4e7acb04-4ec5-425b-86b1-8474d55939a9_zps2d7bd28d.jpg  photo 4a05e788-bdcf-4845-85e9-4535e39e8810_zps043764c1.jpg  photo 8a53a1f6-c569-46b5-9816-a1c5468cd7ab_zps3e617bbe.jpg
Top: Zara // Shorts: Loft // Shoes: Shoedazzle // Bag: Just Fab // Jacket: Pepe Jeans // Necklace & Ring: EG Jewelry // Watch: Fossil // Rose Gold Ring: T+J Designs 

The look obviously would not be complete with out a great bag and pair of shoes. I got both last year and and they will be seen a lot again this year. Hey, I love me a great brown in any accessory!

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?

May 28, 2014

Outfit: Copy Cat

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 photo 94eb4047-2ecf-4260-a7e8-45879b2cb60a_zpscf8fe525.jpg  photo dff17c4f-dbba-46a9-a478-21acccd7f6bc_zps9c067d84.jpg  photo 7dbc8405-4369-468a-a4e7-d87542749487_zps82af08d3.jpg 
I attended a blogger brunch back in April and our host, Mary was wearing this knit tank. 
My obvious first reaction was to tell her as soon as she is ready to sell it in her Because I Shop Too Much closet it's all mine. After learning she had just purchased it herself, the next step was to get my own. ;)

I decided to pair my orange knit with high waisted denim, a color block clutch, and black and gold accessories. 
 photo 9ceb64e5-fe74-4f37-bf22-bfffc22d7da8_zpsa2857d6d.jpg  photo e951f322-e175-4c55-b382-7248b3611797_zps581b7309.jpg  photo 257278de-abe8-4b0e-8212-1c903a973977_zpsb4383896.jpg  photo be713697-0686-4d10-96e1-42c85bcc8415_zps9f54d9c5.jpg
Top: Zara // Jeans: Mother Denim via Hautelook // Heels: c/o Just Fab // Bag: Threadsence (Swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Watch & Bow Bracelet: T+J Designs // Cuff: c/o Sole Society // Rings: T+J Designs 

What do you think of this outfit? Do you ever see an item on a friend and then go buy it ASAP? 

May 27, 2014

Product Review: Click-eez

I was recently asked to review a new must-have accessory for young fashionistas called Click-eez.
"Click-eez is the fun new toy meets fashion accessory, which gives young fashionistas the chance to let their style shine. These stackable, clickable, tradable bracelets are the creative collaboration of License 2 Play, Inc., a manufacturer of licensed novelty and plush items, and the Lernell Co. LLC, a toy developer best known for top selling dolls in the interactive category and licensing deals with Fisher Price and Hasbro.
These interlocking fashion statements are available in stretchable colorful beads where the clickable portion is a colorful, glammed-up Lucite-like bar that spans the width of the wrist. Click-eez is currently available in 10 various collections of charms to offer something for everyone!"  
Here is the set we were sent:
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 photo f86c31f9-0c5e-4e8a-9d5c-578c851eda89_zps521d9d05.jpg  photo 3b772418-7a0b-4eaf-87a5-98acf5afca4d_zps2b12cd33.jpg  photo f6f95e7c-4756-4882-848d-f289cf842547_zps06c94088.jpg
They come in sets of five but you can wear as many or as few as you'd like at a time. My daughter is OBSESSED! She mixes them up and has worn them daily since we got them.
 photo b1ab915a-a743-471e-a412-9b22459be5fc_zps8cb67499.jpg
Dress & Leggings: Target // Bracelet Set: c/o Click-eez 

The retail price for Click-eez (5 pack) is $9.99. They will be available online and on store shelves across the country beginning in summer 2014.

What do you think of Click-eez? Do you know a little lady that would love to own these?

May 23, 2014

Outfit: I'll Always Be a "Jeans & a Tee" Kind of Girl!

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 photo 4bd7c9b7-4883-4045-a649-ae9f60ae0a3c_zps7eb51ee5.jpg  photo 81f2ae37-4a2d-47e7-94b8-a7b0a9b8083a_zpse22fe1c8.jpg  photo 7f76a61d-434f-4b57-824c-4152f832e8b0_zpse60d2939.jpg My adult life has been filled with many occasions where my mantra has always been "I'd rather be overdressed then under dressed".
Since I do not have a typical 9-5 job I can wear what I want and I know that is a privilege. 

However, there are still days that super casual wear is key. For example, this day I was hosting my son's second b-day party where his entire kindergarten class was invited to an indoor play area. Since I'd undoubtedly have to crawl in and help kids out at some point, this easy look was perfect! 

I love my Silver Suki jeans! They really are the perfect wash for spring/summer. I paired my light denim with a tee, sandal, simple jewelry, and a top knot. 
 photo 728b44dd-6a10-4e02-bf72-836b9cda973d_zps6f6e89b1.jpg  photo 83c7af96-ec72-49a2-b80d-5032b4971ac0_zps23c15a72.jpg  photo fcb25d03-0055-4695-8794-3eca41b4d54d_zps00ac3295.jpg  photo 91e2074c-835c-4670-9ee6-250e3c7e908d_zps221b53a9.jpg
Top: Gap // Jeans: c/o Silver Jeans // Sandals: Loft // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Sunnies: Prada // Watch: Fossil // Initial Necklace: House of Gemmes 

This outfit was perfect for the birthday party! I did end up climbing in and out of the play area a few times and I also had to sit on a floor to help my son open gifts. Sometimes moms just need to wear the basics, but the basics can still be cute. ;)

What do you think of this outfit? Are you a jeans and tee kind of girl (or boy)?

May 22, 2014

Outfit: Dinner Date with My Family

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 photo 2686a827-04d5-4977-99ed-262f91ba4d7e_zps8cfc93a2.jpg  photo eece3d4a-4c9a-4db4-b363-c71b776cd5e9_zps15452ebc.jpg  photo cf40c758-36f5-40d2-970a-c0ae4acc7976_zps7461beae.jpg
The day I got my stitches out I also got the second round of biopsy results.  Although they did find more cancer in my body, the surgery fully removed all the bad cells. If that's not a reason to go out to dinner with your family and celebrate, I don't know what is.

I loaded up the kids and met my hubby after work at a local restaurant. This outfit was perfect for hiding all my bandages and the high waisted denim was comfortable to boot!
 photo cab7911e-51a3-4be7-abb6-d41c04b4b785_zps381298e4.jpg  photo 8aab5568-17e6-4f4e-b437-b66923b23bb3_zpsc397f255.jpg  photo 4664b55f-606e-4a91-86c8-15806dc604e9_zpsd3ce0382.jpg  photo 46a5f929-0df0-440c-80c5-dc72c0974fc5_zps89904c0a.jpg
Tank: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Jacket & Boots: c/o Just Fab // Jeans: Express // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Rings: T+J Designs // Gold Hammered Necklace: c/o Sole Society 

I love a great animal print top. I was super excited when I found this one in my swap bag from Kaitlyn.
Noting compliments an oversized tank like a great pair of skinny jeans, period. I finished the look off with gold accessories and nude shoes and bag.

I enjoyed a glass of champagne and some super yummy lobster risotto. We all ordered our own desserts (which we never do) and my kids were so excited to try banana splits. It was truly a happy night and I am so blessed to have such a great family.

How do you style your oversized tanks? What do you think of this outfit pairing?

May 21, 2014

Moles, Check Them! (Update)

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Two weeks ago I shared part one of my "Moles, Check Them!" story. For those of you who did not read my previous post, here's the recap.
I (luckily) had seven moles removed and the results came back that I needed to have 2 surgically cleaned out because cancer and pre cancer cells were found. I also needed to have 3 more moles on my front surgically removed because of their size and location.

I went in for my 2 hour procedure thinking it would be an easy recovery. I was so not right!
I ended up having 42 internal stitches and then each area was stitched shut (I had the exterior stitches removed on day eight).

The first three days I was in bed. I was unable to lay on my stomach or back so I really didn't sleep for a few days. By day 6 I was able to move around and even drive a car again by day 8!

Here are some photos and the results from the next round of biopsies:
 photo checkyourmoles_zpse327aa19.jpg  photo cancer_zps9f8fd500.jpg  photo moles_zps73725b12.jpg

As you can see, my eye lid one has heeled amazingly! The above photo was taken day 12 and I can't believe how great it already looks. 

I am well on my way to recovery! I have my next round/check up in four months. At that time we check the nine we took photos of 2 months ago, and if any of them have changed we biopsy those and go from there. 

That's what happens when you wait 35 years to have your moles checked. So everyone use me as a cautionary tale and CHECK YOUR MOLES! 

Do you go in for regular skin check-ups? Have you have had any moles removed?

May 20, 2014

Outfit: Purple Hair, Don't Care

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 photo 0bb5f566-7bd6-4b3f-afd2-7bb964a61c12_zps0fce86be.jpg  photo 666445ad-775b-49a3-9fc4-885446cb22f2_zps850c60d7.jpg  photo 6b31055b-8d44-44dc-8b70-a065f2bec043_zps1ec4166f.jpg
I am finally wearing pants again! Well, elastic waist ones anyway. ;)
I went to get my stitches out this day and a few other errands. I decided to pair these fun print pants with a graphic tank, crop boot, drape font jacket, and purple hair. Yes, I said purple hair!

Hair chalk is super fun way to get some color in your hair for the day. It washes right out so you don't have to commit to the color for more then a day! LOVE!
 photo 31c98c79-7bce-4782-80fe-d61678ceca26_zps4ac64215.jpg  photo da171e3f-8955-4b6e-a136-9f3521abd45e_zps357db974.jpg  photo 9509add2-c697-47f9-a0f1-e017295810e5_zps7fc4d945.jpg  photo 3ef7814e-010e-45e6-b660-332913d4d190_zpsa74eb09b.jpg
Tank: H&M (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Jacket & Bag: c/o Just Fab // Pants: Victoria's Secret // Boots: c/o Sole Society // Large Ring: Elephant Gypsy // Necklace: House of Gemmes // Hair Chalk: Amazon (similar

I have six hair chalk colors so don't be surprised if you see me with green hair one day (seriously)!

What do you think of this look? Have you tried hair chalk yet?