March 11, 2010

Questions Answered....

This question was asked from my blog follower Bonnie:

"What products do you use to keep your hair looking so great? shampoo/conditioner?"

First off, thanks for the hair compliment! My hair has always been a challenge for me. Now that I finally have the length that I love, maintaining the look is pretty easy. As far as shampoo and conditioner go, I use Pantene Pro V Color Revival for both. I also use Head and Shoulders shampoo in the winter every other wash because my skin gets so dry! You don't need flakes to prevent them ladies!
After I get out of the shower I spray Pantene detangling light conditioning spray on the ends so I easily comb through it. Before I blow dry I use Redken anti snap leave-in treatment on the ends. (I'm not even sure they still make this product. I only use 1 pump per use, so I've had the bottle for the past 3 years!) After it is all dry and I plan to wear my hair strait, I use Matrix Sleek Look on each section before I put the hot iron to it.
If I plan on wearing my hair curly I stop after the leave in conditioner and use Aqua net hair spray for styling.

I also dye my own hair using two boxes of hair dye from walgreens every 60 days or so (or whenever the color starts to fade). I usually use whatever is on sale but am partial to Nice and Easy and Loreal Preference. The conditioner that comes with these are amazing! Since I use 2 boxes, after I dye my hair I use one entire tube on my hair. Then I use the other tube once a week until it is gone. I know, I know, box dye is bad for your hair! (Or so ALL hair stylists will tell you) Well, I think my hair is fine and to be honest, I've had too many bad salon hair dying experiences to continue down that path!

In the summer I am a big fan of VO5 Hot oil treatments! Again, since my hair is so long, I use 2 at a time. I use it about once a month or so depending on how often I am swimming or out in the sun.

I think that's everything! I hope that helps Bonnie!

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Lindsay Hosanna said...

For the record, they DO still make the anti-snap stuff & i got it & i love it! Next buy is the Matrix Sleek Look. Thanks coo :)