October 15, 2018

My Style Monday: Life in Motion

Hey friends! Another weekend went by and we definitely made the most of it. I love weekends that have just as much structure as relaxation time and I would say this one was 50/50. My kids are at this awesome age where it's not panic all the time and you can actually relax a bit. It's new to me and I'm not going to get too used to it...we all know this stage is only a few short years. ;) That said, my husband and I are fully aware what stage we are in and we are making the most of it for sure! Anyone else finally coasting(ish) as a parent after a decade of "oh gosh what now?" lol But I digress.... Today I wanted to talk a bit about fitness.

October 3, 2018

CBD Product Highlight

Hey friends, welcome to my first installment of the monthly CBD segment "CBD Product Highlight".   I recently shared my journey from pharmaceuticals to medical cannabis and how my love for CBD began. I also talked about how I strongly feel that you can benefit from CBD even if you don't have chronic pain or a medical condition that would allow you to have a medical license. So, for the past month I have incorporated three products into my daily life to see if I would recommend them or not. Not only did I end up finding three great products for you guys to try, but I found two truly amazing companies I want to share with you as well!   

October 1, 2018

My Style Monday: Pinstripe Pants

Hello my lovely friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was filled with lots of Fall activities. We had a full weekend of no plans, (can you even believe it?) so we decided to do a few fun local activities. We went out to brunch on Saturday and then stopped at a local pumpkin patch to pick out decor for our home. Once home, the hubby mowed the grass while the kiddos and I decorated the porch and yard with our Halloween and fall items. Then we just chilled out.... It was wonderful! On Sunday, we headed out nice and early to grab apple cider donuts at a local food truck stop. Other then that, not much went on. I did look ahead and that was our last full weekend home until December (and we know those days will fill up too), so we really made most of our time home. OK, let's talk pinstripe pants, shall we?


September 29, 2018

Goodbye Pharmaceuticals, Hello Cannabis

 In my last chronic pain post we talked about trigger point injections and how after the procedure I took a long hard look at what I have been taking the past seven years. I was on daily pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory medicine. These prescriptions allowed me to "push though" and finish my day. So I'd hit a wall and be in lots of pain, pop a pill, and carry on. There was no listening to my body's needs on this path. Only masking any symptoms and continuing on. My memory was slipping and my mood swings were all over the place. Even though I was on all of these medications, I was still in daily pain. Some days I would need more pills, some days less. The headaches would get so bad, some nights I had to add my prescription migraine medicine to that mix. Full disclose, in the past 7 years there has been more then one night that I laid in bed thinking "please let me wake up tomorrow, I don't want my kids find me like this!" Dark, I know, but that is what life on pills is like sometimes. And I was sick of it. I was sick of waking up feeling my entire body in pain and wondering how many other things were wrong with me that I didn't know about that the pills were masking. 

To be clear, I am not a doctor nor do I claim I know how to fix your chronic pain. I am simply starting a dialogue to start looking into what prescriptions we are taking on a daily basis. Do you know what the long-term side effects are for taking them? I was not aware at all! I simply took what my doctor told me to and went on that path for a very long time. And then it hit me, how can I improve my life, in the long run on these daily pills? The answer for me was I couldn't! So, I am sharing about my journey from chemical medicine to using the Cannabis plant.

September 27, 2018


Two outfit posts in one week? This is who I am now. ;) Hey friends, it's officially autumn and I have rotated my closet. Anyone else beyond ready for sweater weather? I am and I could not wait to wear this l'automne (French for autumn) sweater I recently was given. OK, so here is the story behind it....