February 15, 2019

The Perfect Travel Bag

Anyone else forever on the hunt for a great travel bag? I know I am! This year, I am super blessed to have three trips planned during the next three months. (Oh yes, many travel recaps in your future...but I digress.) When traveling, having a bag that fits a laptop safely is important to me. I also love something with lots of pockets! This comes in super handy for not only traveling, but after you arrive somewhere, the bag can also be used on your adventures. Enter this beautiful backpack from American Shield. 


February 13, 2019

Ice Ice Baby

As most of you know by now, I am forever on a journey to alleviate my chronic pain as naturally as possible. So when I was reached out to and asked if I wanted to try a few cryo-treatments, I did a deep dive online to see what it is all about. This was my first-ever experience at a cold spa and after reading about all the amazing benefits, I needed to try it out for myself. I went to CRYOEFFECT in south Barrington (IL) and I have to tell you I am beyond obsessed! Before I arrived, I had planned to try two services, but when I got there, I ended up trying three. On this day, I started with a cryo-facial, then we did a full body cryotherapy session, and finally we tried a localized treatment on my upper-back and neck. I'm so excited to tell you all about my experience with each service and how they made me feel to have them done, plus how I was feeling in the days following. Spoiler alert, they were all hugely beneficial to my inflammation and pain level! 

February 10, 2019

Konmarie Method: Stage 5- Sentimental

Hello friends, I hope you have enjoyed following me along on my tiding-up journey. Today, I want to talk about the final stage in the Konmari Method, sentimental. Now that I have gone through the other stages, it makes sense that sentimental is the last one. I have been truly open to purging most items in my home. Even if my first response is to hold on tight, I would take a step back and ask myself is this an item of my past or one I am taking with me into my future. Most items found themselves landing in our past and once I thanked them (and took a quick photo), it was time to let them go. 

When I went through my home the past 36 days, I left three areas of sentimental to come back around to. The first area is a box of baby items, from both of my children, that I have kept under my bed for years. I still wanted to keep all of the items from inside this box, but Marie Kondo pointed out that they should be kept in a nice keepsake box that is easy to go though. I found a few great options and decided to give each child their own boxes.  

February 7, 2019

Konmarie Method: Stage 4- Kimono

Another day, another post about the Konmarie Method! ;) Today I wanted to talk about stage 4, Kimono. During this one I thought many, many times "what have I gotten myself into!" You see, Kimono is by far the largest stage and it includes literally everything in your home that is not clothing, books, paper, and sentimental items. I am happy to say, I have finished stage 4! You guys, other then four days this month, I cleaned and organized every day in January. I actually didn't think I would would be this far into the Konmarie Method by day 31, but I am so proud that I am. Here are some of my favorite things that I organized during Kimono. It's so satisfying to see before and after photos, don't you think? 

Cabinets from the kitchen:

February 6, 2019

Konmari Method: Stage 3- Paper

So far we have dashed through stages one & two of the Konmari Method, in just over one week! Let's start the next stage, shall we? Like stage two, I choose to do stage three by the floors of my home because of the weight involved in bringing all of them to one space. I started on the main floor, and worked my way up to the office and any loose papers from the bedrooms. I did find quite a few sentimental items during this stage, so I placed them to the side and planned to come back around to them in stage five. There is an order for Marie Kondo's method and it really does make sense why as you go though each stage in order.