September 19, 2020

Recipe: Apple Pie - Vegan & Gluten Free

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons for many reasons, one of them being all the delicious apple and pumpkin recipes. I found this recipe on the food blog Vanilla and Bean and I have made it twice in the past six weeks. Yes, it is that good! It is time consuming, but worth every minute I promise! These are photos from my 1st attempt, my second time make it, I didn't have enough coconut oil so I substituted for 1/2 coconut oil, 1/2 avocado oil and it still turned out. The cook time was 5 minutes longer, but still very good! 



Click here for official directions. Traci over at Vanilla and Bean really put a lot of work into this recipe. Her instructions are extremely thorough and you can tell she really perfected this recipe before she put it out for the world to try. It tastes like it too! I usually post the full recipe when I find one I love, but there is really so much information to read though, I don't want to edit her vision for it. She has tips on her favorite apples to cook with & suggestions of how to store, warm, and freeze the pie.  You really should read though all of it!

Below is a photo of my second attempt making this yummy recipe. The apples were very ripe on this one, straight from the orchard the day before, so the center was almost apple sauce-like by the end.  Plus I used different oil in the crust, but again, totally worth the time. It's my most favorite apple pie recipe and that includes ones with gluten and butter you guys!

Do you have a favorite apple pie recipe? Please post it in the comments section, I'd love to try! Is this a recipe you think you'll try? It really is worth the work. 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xoxo

September 18, 2020

Recipe: Slow Cooker Apple Sauce


Last weekend it was rainy and wet, so instead of going apple picking like we had planned, we decided to just stop by the orchard and pick up some apples. There is still lots of season left, so we'll just try again later in the month. If you are like me, you love cooking and baking and an extra trip to the orchard just means more apple recipes to try! 

 I decided to split the apples we picked up into three piles. The first group efor apple sauce, the next for apple butter, and the remainder for apple pie. All three were super delish, so today I'll be sharing the apple sauce recipe, tomorrow I'll share the apple pie recipe, and you can find my apple butter recipe here, which I posted two years ago. 


-16 apples 

-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (more if desired)

-1 cup spring water

-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


1) Peel, core, and slice apples and place in slow cooker. 

2) Add ingredients together.

3) Cook on low for 4-6 hours, masking a few times with a potato masher. 

4) Store in a sterilized mason jar of container of choice. 

I usually store my apple sauce and apple butter (also any jams and jellies I make) in mason jars. I recently began saving any reusable containers around the house and have found they come in super handy. Below is a container from organic apple sauce I bought at our local grocery store. I cleaned it, sterilized it, and filled it up with some of the apple sauce I made in this batch! 

So that's it. This super easy recipe is sure to make you family, friends, or just yourself very happy! Make sure you stop back tomorrow for my apple pie recipe (vegan and gluten free!). 

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June 18, 2020

Boho Beautiful Detoxify Recap

Last week my husband and I completed the Boho Beautiful Detoxify program. Through a 7 day schedule of clean eating meal videos & recipes combined with daily detox yoga classes, DETOXIFY has been designed to help you find your new potential of health, vitality, and daily energy. There is so much to discuss you guys! First off, it was incredible. Truly life changing in so many ways. But it was a lot of work! Not just to eat plant based for 7 days and do daily detox yoga routines, but also to organize and execute 14 new meal recipes, 7 new juice recipes, and 7 new smoothie recipes during those 7 days!
But with a little prep (ok, actually a lot!) and some organization it is defiantly something I would highly recommend to all.

By day 7, Ryan had lost 9 pounds and was feeling ready to re-introduce meat and alcohol. ;) I was down 6 pounds and ready to continue on a more clean eating path going forward. My skin has never looked so good, my inflammation and bloating are way low, not going to lie, my vegan body is a favorite of mine! So for now I'm vegan and taking it day by day, but even it you just want to try this for the detox, it's 100% worth it.

Here is a little break down of everything and my thoughts. I even have some tips if you are planning to do this detox too. Ok, let's get into this, shall we?

YOGA: I love doing Juliana's classes. She is an incredible athlete and really has a way to keeping both my husband and myself motivated. This 7 day program kicked our butts in the best way ever. Five classes are advanced and challenging, two are on your mat and stretching classes. Lots of deep stretches, twisting, and abs/core work all through the week. I am so glad I own these so I can go back and do them whenever I want. In the end, they were really great classes that not only challenged us, but really got that digestive system and metabolism moving. Worth every penny!

RECIPES: I'm not going to lie, it's time consuming. I spent a good 3 hours a day in the kitchen prepping, juicing, blending, chopping, and cooking...but here's the thing, it's magical. There is just something about looking at so many beautiful colors for hours each day. It's rejuvenating. It's truly wonderful working with produce and organic grains and nothing processed or packaged. I learned so many great ways to feed my family better and learned my kids love a lot of vegan food too! I never felt hungry or dissatisfied which was a concern of mine before I started. 

Now let's talk food. It is seriously delicious! There were maybe 4 out of the 28 recipes that my husband did not love and only 1 that I just couldn't do. I did have to make some substitutions because of food allergies, but overall, I kept it as close to the original recipes as I could and all the food was very good. Like gourmet good you guys! My top five are: Garden of Vegan Aioli, Ziner Chocolate Protein Smoothie, Lava Smoothie Bowl, Brown Rice Pudding, The Boho Buda-ful Bowl. The program is worth it just for the recipes alone. 


I learned so much about food during this week. I also learned that I really do enjoy eating and cooking vegan! 

Give yourself a week or two to read all the material and get supplies ready after you make this purchase. We are still in a pandemic so it is difficult to get these items quickly if you are not already eating plant based. There is a shopping list, but there are no amounts on the list. So I did have to spend a couple hours going through the recipes and adding up the amounts I needed of each item for all recipes from this week. This familiarized me with the menu though. There are 14 food recipes and 14 drink (7 juice and 7 smoothie) recipes during this detox. Yes, that is 28 new recipes to take on in one week. It can feel overwhelming, but as someone who just did this, I am telling you, it is very doable. And very worth it! 

 -Each night, look at the menu for the following day making sure there is nothing you need to prep. There are a couple days that require you to refrigerate items over night.

-Prep for the full day of recipes each morning and label everything properly. I started doing this by day three and it really helped me with time management throughout the day. Each morning I would do yoga, make the breakfast recipe and eat, then prep all veggies and fruits needed for the smoothie and juice. I would even look ahead to the dinner recipe on a few of the days and get the chopping out of the way so that nights cooking was a bit quicker. 

-Keep you juicer, blender/ninja/pans on the counter for the week. You are using all of these each days save yourself the hassle! 

-If you are doing this with your spouse like I did, have them do all dishes to take some of the work load. There are many dishes each day and using plastic or paper just isn't an option we were going to take. In addition to yoga and plant based diet, there is an Earth challenge as well! 

-Take a day (or two) off of yoga leading up to the detox week. Your body will thank you later. ;) I forgot to do this! Live and learn. 

-Shop local if you can. We went to a Windy Acres Farms in Geneva and picked up over half of our produce for the week. Then, we did "delivery" from Walmart and found they were out of a few items we needed so we added an Aldi trip in as well. Oh and grabbed a few on Amazon as well. There are links in the PDF for shopping items on Amazon so make sure you utilize those if you are having a hard time finding a few of the items. 

-If you shop for all seven days like I did, freeze some produce! I ended up freezing my (steamed) cauliflower, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mango, pineapple, bananas, and broccoli. This was helpful with smoothies, I no longer needed to add ice and all my produce stayed fresh for the week to boot. 

-Let the kids try! My husband and I did this detox, not the kids, but I did make extra each day and let them try. In the end, they ended up eating most breakfasts, smoothies, a couple of the juices, and a couple of the dinners. I was blown away at how open they were to trying plant based food and now I will continue to give them more options! 

So that's it folks! This week was truly a labor of love and it's just another pivotal point in learning more about mine and my families health and our food choices. Have you ever been vegan? Have you ever tried a detox before? If you do try this one, I really hope you love it as much as we did! 

Here is a video recap of the entire week of recipes and yoga: 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I hope you make it a great day! xoxo 

May 5, 2020

March & April Instagram #OOTD Recap

Back in early March, I posted my first ever IG #OOTD recap post. I post a lot more of my day-to-day looks over there so I thought it would be fun to share the looks that don't make it to the blog every couple of months. This time they are a bit different because 13 days into March, we began our "stay home" orders due to COVID-19. So I guess these are mostly #QOOTD's actually! 

May 4, 2020

My Style Monday: AZALEA DRESS

This dress is giving me all the feels! I was recently sent this dress by Style Typology and oh my goodness you guys, it is definitely a fast favorite of mine. The beautiful colors, the style, the fit...all perfection. 

"Style Typology is your virtual one-stop shop for all things fashion. Backed by an expert team of fashion stylists, we do things differently here at Style Typology. Aimed to give you the most personal and tailored shopping experience— without ever formally meeting you in person, is something that we pride ourselves on. We understand you’re extremely busy, that’s why you’ve turned to us. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as easy, enjoyable, and as fast as possible, saving you time and money. " You can take a style quiz and see curated collections. You guys, their inventory is absolutely beautiful!