May 14, 2018

The Big Chop: Hair Donation & Life Lessons

Good morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend! Did you do anything fun? I enjoyed a relaxing Friday night in with the fam bam (family movie night), brunch to celebrate Mother's Day with my in-laws (Lake House LynKait Lately) & a neighbor hangout on Saturday, and yesterday, well yesterday was bliss! Thank you to my hubby and kids for making me feel so special all day long. And mom, I love you & can't wait to celebrate with you soon! 

OK, so if you follow me on IG, then this is old news. If not, you guys I did it! I got the big chop. This is hands-down the shortest my hair has been in the past 22 years and I love it for so many reasons. Let's talk about the reason that I went for it, shall we? There were two major reasons that lead me to make this decision: 1) I wanted to donate my hair to someone who needs it. 2) I wanted to teach my daughter a lesson in beauty. 

May 11, 2018

The Quintessential Midi Dress


Happy Friday friends! I hope you all enjoyed your week. Mine was busy but good, by Tuesday both kids were back at school and no longer sick (insert happy dance!), plus the hubby and I are both back to good health as well, so all is right in the world. ;) Today I want to share with you the perfect midi dress for the season. I have linked the exact dress at the bottom of the post, some colors are sold out, but I have to admit, I'm tempted to purchase it in every color that is left.

May 9, 2018

Everyday Makeup in less then 5 minutes

Good morning my beautiful readers, thank you for stopping by today. I get a good amount of questions on IG and messages via email about my everyday makeup and "no makeup, makeup" look. So, I decided to make a quick video for you guys, because showing you is always easier then explaining it. Most days I skip the eyeliner, but this is my routine 85% of the time right now. I hope you find at least one thing helpful and if not, at least it's a short video! ;) 

You can pick up all of the glo Skin Beauty items in the video here for 15% off using code "BALANCINGLISA15"! If you're going to buy it anyway, might as well get some $$ off, right? I would say if I had to pick just one product, it be the tinted moisture (I'm wearing the medium shade), and if I could only choose two, I would grab the contour kit as well. 


Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I hope you make it a great day! xoxo

May 6, 2018

Introducing Maravilla & cabi Tap

Happy Sunday friends, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. You may remember last week when I told you you'd be hearing more about the new app from cabi Clothing called cabi Tap. You guys, it's all happening! As soon as I found out there was an app, I obviously downloaded it. I realize that unless I purchase the clothing, I would actually not be able to use the app myself. I am gifted these pieces, but honestly I wanted to do my research for you guys plus I wanted to see how it works. Side note, I'm super proud of cabi as a company for coming up with such a great new feature! It makes getting your hands on their clothing that much easier. 

The app is super easy to navigate and oh my goodness, it was so quick! I created an account and said that I did not have a current stylist. I kid you not, I got an email within hours telling me I have been matched up with a local stylist and could order at anytime. First off, I was so excited to learn I have a local cabi girl less then 15 minutes from my home, but I was also impressed as the ease of the entire process. Once you purchase an item, it goes into your virtual closet and you can mix and match pieces for seasons to come right on your account. I LOVE that feature as you guys know how much I love styling pieces over and over in my head. Now you can do it right on their app! Too cool. 

May 4, 2018

The Perfect Mother's Day Tee

Happy Friday friends. This week has been tough as my daughter got hit with a terrible GI bug on Sunday that kept her home most of the week. Then I got hit with it on Wednesday, the hubby shortly after on Thursday. Thankfully my son has avoided it (fingers crossed that the worst is behind us...pun not intended). It's so hard to watch your kiddos being that sick. It's even more difficult doing so when you are feeling the same way, but you still do it. This mama job is never easy, but one this is for sure, I will always do my very best, even when I feel my very worst. That's what moms do best!