About Me

Nestled at the crossroads of fashion, lifestyle & modern motherhood, Lisa Fergus has been a lifestyle blogger since 2010.  As the visionary behind Stilettos & Diaper Bags, co-creator of Sisters Marie, and creator of Balancing Lisa, Fergus has been a defining fixture in the lifestyle blogosphere for over a decade.

With Balancing Lisa (launched early ’18), Fergus has maintained her mainstay topics (fashion, health-conscious recipes, modern parenthood), as well as expanded the conversation, delving into alternative medicine & healing proving a beacon of light & hope to the 15% of American adults who live with chronic pain daily.

Looking forward, Fergus is expanding & strengthening her relationships with key branded partners, to bring the latest information & products that are of interest to her readership.

“As an influencer, I pride myself on only introducing my readers to products & services that I truly use, stand-behind, and feel comfortable sharing with them. My brand integrity is what has gotten me to where I am today.”