June 17, 2010

I felt like such a mom today....

Meet Lamby! Lamby is my son's BEST friend. They do everything from sleep to play together and if Lamby is not around it is temper tantrum city! You don't mess with a boy and his best friend! Now I've never been dumb enough to ask him this question, but if ask who he loves more, mommy or Lamby, I fear it would be too close to call.
My son also likes to chew on his face from time to time and after 2 years of wear and tear his eye was about to fall out. Mommy to the rescue! I had to sew his eye back in place. Let me just start by saying I don't sew! I can put buttons back on shirts, but that's about it! I was actually nervous because I didn't want to ruin him! I quickly found out that my son loves him no matter what and I was a hero for saving his lamb!
I used black thread to make it look like stitches! What? He's a boy! It's very pirate like!


Lindsay Hosanna said...

Aww! Adorable! Good job Mama!! :) Ryder (and Lamby) (And baby #2) are so lucky to have you!!! xoxoxo

Balancing Lisa said...

You're too sweet! xo