July 28, 2010

24 weeks

Man is the belly growing! At 24 weeks I have gained 15 pounds and have very little discomfort! (thank goodness). I do have the normal circulation issues though. I lose feeling in my arms and legs during the night if I flip away from my left side. Also, when I'm sitting on the ground for a long time with my 2 year old my legs get cramps. Other then that, it's smooth sailing! This pregnancy is NOTHING like the pregnancy of my son. I'm very thankful for this!
I get to have a third ultra sound in August because the placenta was under her head at 20 weeks (it was blocking the birth canal). Worst case scenario, if it's still in the way we will discuss C-section options. Either way I'm happy! Weird right? I'm happy I get to see my little bean again and I'll be fine with a C-section. Who wouldn't want to know the date and time of their child's birth ahead of time?! Yes, I know it's major abdominal surgery, but I'm okay with leaving my lady bits out of things this time around! ;)


Kristin Hassan said...

ahhhh!! can't wait to meet her!!!

Lindsay Hosanna said...

aww... you're looking so good! can't wait to meet her too! xoxo

Balancing Lisa said...

That makes 3 of us!!! I can't wait to see her little face! I want a mini me....it's only fair! Ryan has one!!! ;)