July 1, 2010

Gold Class Cinemas

Gold Class Cinemas is the best theater experience EVER! We've all heard of theaters that serve food and alcohol, but this place takes it to a new level! We went to the one at the Bolingbrook Promanade, but I think there is one in Barrington too. It starts off with a blue carpet photo section, which lets be honest, who wouldn't like?! Then up some more stairs to what looks like a bar/lounge. This is where you pay, choose your seats (if you haven't already reserved these online), and hang out before you'd like to go into the theater. When you are ready, you are escorted to your seats and asked if you'd like a pillow and blanket. Umm....yes please! The seats themselves would be enough for me! They all have pouches for purses/shopping bags and recline both your feet up and you head back! There are only 40 seats per theater so it nice and quiet and very posh feeling. On the table between you there is a button you press when you are ready to order. I'm talking gourmet food here people! The food was amazing, my hubby got to have some drinks, and I had a san pellegrino in a wine glass with a lime. It was a wonderful experience that was well worth the money!! I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to a normal movie theater ever again!

Cost: $25 ($20 for members) per person. That does not include food and drink prices.


Kyla Dannelke, MA, LCPC. said...

That's amazing! I wish we had something like that around here!

Balancing Lisa said...

It really was a great time! Wish you had one too! ;)

Kristen Javens said...

kay, 1. you looked AMAZING!
2. i want those chairs! especially because they're orange!
and 3. you looked AMAZINGG!
haha love ya sis! <333

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks Kristen! You are too sweet!