July 12, 2010

How'd She Do That?

My sister Michelle is a genius! With two daughters and more hair pretties then anyone should have, she came up with an idea to display some and make it easier for the girls to pick what they want to wear each day. She calls this hair pretty wall art!

Rods: $9.99 each JC Pennys
Ribbon: $2.00 Michaels

She simply secured 2 rods to the wall and used 5 strands of ribbon tying them to both rods. This left her with places for rubber bands on the ends and ribbons to clip barrettes to! She assured me that they still have a full drawer full of other hair accessories, but this made a dent in it!
I am in awe! This is such a great idea and I can't wait until my daughter can pick what she wants in her hair so I can make one for us too! Yeah, I said us. Mommies like their hair pretties on display too! ;)


Kaitlyn said...

In addition to how much I now want this contraption in my room, I have a favorite new saying thanks to you: "Hair Pretties"

So much better than boring old "bow" or "headband" ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

haaa! I thought that is what they are called! My family has always referred to them as that!

Michelle said...

Hair pretties came from my kids sitter, Dione. Adelynn brought the saying home a couple of years ago & they have been that ever since!