July 8, 2010

Trying new braids

A few Sundays a month my entire family gets together at my moms house. On this particular day my niece Adelynn called me when I was driving over and said, "auntie Lisa, will you braid my hair all the way around and down?"
All the way around and down?? Hmmmm.....okay, now I admit I had no idea what she was talking about but I agreed and when I got there she described what she wanted. Her babysitter does this style to her all the time so she actually knew what it looked like. I had some big shoes to fill here!!!
This is what we ended up with. I like to call it the braided crown (obviously a look for little princesses!).
I wonder if i could do this braid to myself. It would look pretty amazing with a few of my Grecian dresses!


Kristin Hassan said...

how cute! i'm totally jealous of your braiding skills! ps - love the blog re-design!

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks! Kelly did a great job!! Her waiting list was super long so I paid extra for the 2 week plan. Was more like 3 weeks but totally worth it!