July 23, 2010

What's happening in my world....

It's been a long week! My husband went away to Florida for a 5 day business trip and my son had MAJOR separation anxiety! He didn't really notice day 1 (since my husband is at work everyday and it is not abnormal for him to only be home at night), but the real fun began day 2! I had no idea what was wrong with him. He would not eat. After about 28 hours of that he started eating again and stopped sleeping. I'm talking no naps and (my all time favorite) up from 12:00-4:30am physically assaulting daddy's side of the bed. I felt awful, but I actually gave him benadryl to finally get him down! Yesterday was better. Daddy sent us a video of himself talking to my son and we watched it like 100 times. My son also went over to the bookcase and took three framed photos of my husband and lined them up on a table in the family room. He kept on looking at them and telling me "da da'. Yes, we have a da da shrine in my family room as of now! ;) Great news is, he comes home today!!! I missed him so much, but I also missed co-parenting! It's tough work being 6 and 1/2 months pregnant and taking care of a toddler who stopped eating and sleeping. Needless to say, I desperately need a nap!

In other news, the house is coming right along! The paint has all gone up. The trim has been finished. The window in the kitchen was patched, painted, and trimmed. And best of all, the special order doors were delivered yesterday! Now we wait for August 3rd for the install to happen and the house will be done.......for this year! ;)


Kaitlyn said...

This post hurts my heart! SO glad ryan is back today so wubs can stare at the actual thing instead of a picture...though i'm sure ryan will miss his epcot escapades.. work life is hard ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

mine too! It's been tough, but I'm so glad this week is over!

Chandler said...

Oh my goodness your son sounds so cute! Its so special he loves his father like that!