August 9, 2010

Latest Obsession: Vitamin E Face Mist

Face Mist: $16 The Body Shop

I am really enjoying this vitamin E face mist. My mother-in-law turned me onto it and now I can't stop using it! It's a great way to perk you up mid day and really make your skin feel great!

Here is what the bottle says:
Best if you want to: Give your skin an instant pick-me-up with a go-anywhere, rosewater-scented mist that moisturizes, conditions and protects.
How it works:
Vitamin E is a nourishing natural antioxidant that moisturizes and protects against premature aging and environmental aggressors.
Glycerine moisturizes skin to improve softness and maximize hydration.
Liposomes and lecithin help skin to quickly absorb vitamin E and restore skin’s natural moisture balance.

It really is a feel great product that will get you and your skin through the day! I had actually never even been in the body shop before, but now I fear I will be a regular!


Sarah said...

Love Body Shop!

I love face mist also, I use it in the morning to "wake up" and also sometimes If I get sleepy in the car while driving. Also, great to cool off in the summer or after exercise. I use the orange bottle which I believe is vitamin C rather than E. I also really like from Body Shop; Peppermint cooling foot spray, Body and Leg Shine, mini face brush ( I stock up on these at 3 dollars each!) and Green Tea oil fragrance for use in oil burner. The Green tea is an amazing smell the you can't quite indentify.

Balancing Lisa said...

ooo la la! I'll have to try some of these suggestions out!!