December 9, 2010

Amazon Moms Club

Okay, who shops on I do! I do! Up until a few weeks ago though, I had bought all my diapers, wipes, and formula through or at super Target/Jewel/Dominicks. Then I was told about the Amazon Moms club (thanks Sheri). Here is what the site says about the program:

Amazon Mom is a free membership program created especially for parents and caretakers of small children. Amazon Mom members receive benefits such as three months of FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime (with the potential to earn up to one year of free Amazon Prime shipping benefits), 30% off diapers and wipes which are auto-delivered to your doorstep with Subscribe & Save and other promotions geared toward parents.

Umm...yes please! I already placed my first order! They even have an auto send program so each month the diapers just come if you would like them too!! How cool is that?? I am also big on deals and steals so this is right up my ally! I already saved a few dollars on each case of diapers and on the formula. And as we all know, every dollar counts!


Alicia xoxxo said...

That is great! I love to shop online AND save money! Yes, every dollar does count! And if there is a website out there that can make my life easier and save me money then sign me up!

FashionJazz said...

Fab and interesting post hun! Hope you are well and having a good week. Mwah xx

Kelly said...

This is FANTASTIC!! I'm logging on now!!