December 22, 2010

cookie Week 2010- Cookie #5

So technically this is not a cookie, but these yummy treats are all around this year. My friend Beth Faber emailed me this recipe:

Small circle pretzels (super tough to find!)
peppermint kisses
red and green m&m's.

Line a baking tray with parchment paper or use a nonstick pan. Put down the pretzel and then the kiss in the middle - throw in the oven (325 degrees) for a few minutes. Once you see the top of the kiss start to melt take them out, I have learned the hard way that if you leave them in too long they will never melt and instead get really weird. Once they are out very quickly place the m&m on the top in the middle using it to squish the kiss to fit the pretzel. When they are all done out them in the fridge for about 5 minutes to cool and viola! These are so cutesy holiday and you can freeze them which makes them even better :)

Well first off I could not find circle or square pretzels so I went with regular ones. Then I decided I liked carmel kisses better then peppermint, so I tweaked the recipe.

Beth later told me that I could have used rolos too. That makes more sense since the carmel in kisses is soft. Either way, these are super yummy and super easy!!

2 comments: said...

Oh you're killing me with all your cookie posts!! These look super yummy too and what a great and festive idea :) Just in case I won't be able to wish you later, have a wonderful Christmas!

Love from Paris, M

Perverse Beauty said...

Delicious! I'm on a diet and these are DEFINITELY not helping!! (;

xx - Lera