January 19, 2011

Great Find: $49.99 Jewelry Armour

I've always wanted (and needed) a better place to store my jewelry. Up until now, it has had 3 homes. A small jewelry armour, the top of my dresser, and the rest found a home in my bottom dresser drawer!

Well no more jewelry all over the place because when we were at Target on Friday, I found this jewelry armour for $49.99!!
I had so much fun filling it up! I found jewelry that I forgot I had!! Woo hoo! ;) Here's a peek at what my jewelry collection looks like all organized. The majority of it is costume jewelry, but as I get older I plan to fill this baby with diamonds! haaa I kid, I kid......okay, maybe a few diamonds wouldn't hurt!
Here are my rings and earrings
Statement necklaces
Cuffs and bangles
I hope you guys find the same sale at your Target. It retailed at $250, so $49.99 is a steal!


Alicia xoxxo said...

What an awesome find! You always find the best deals!! It looks really nice all filled up!!
PS-I like the turquoise bracelet on the end!

Deepali said...

OMG I love it! I'm just like you, my jewelry is housed in 4 different places, I would love to find this!


I have something similar and they are the best!

Melrose said...

its EXACTLY what I've been looking for!!! great find! And your collection is huuuge!

Becky-May said...

oh wow! that's so cool! I deff need one. all my jewelery hangs off stuff in my room atm! lovely blog :)

The Flower Girl


Ruthie{Look~Learn~Love} said...

Um..I'm speechless - that's incredible. I'm doing a post this week about organizing jewelry but I have nothing to say after this! AMAZING - such a great way to have all your jewelry cared for and easy to wear.

ladycharlie said...

Ohh Lisa You have so amazing collection!
I wish I'll that some day ;>

Natasha said...

OK that is an amazing deal! I am dying to get one exactly like that, but I hate the price tags on all the nice ones.

Phuong said...

great way to store your jewelry!

Kaitlyn said...

That's awesome! I can't wait to go through this on closet swap days ;)

Katie said...

Love this! I have a similar jewelry box that I inherited from my grandma. I love having the space to store everything just so - I do, however, love how deep your drawers are! I would love to be able to store my bangle bracelets like you have - I have to store mine flat. :)

Natalie said...

Gosh darn you and your amazing Target finds!

LaToya said...

That armour is stunning! Can't believe you got it for such a great price! Score!


Erica Marie said...

In LOVE with this! I have been looking for something as well for what seems like forever! I hope my future find is a good as this one!

alannah. said...

that shoe fund money jar is the best thing ive seen all day! gave me a good little chuckle.
but im amazed at how much storage space that little cabinet has, its got loads!!x


wholesale jewelry said...

amazing collections right there. And by the way, I love the jewelry box.