January 10, 2011

This weeks "I want what she has!"


This weeks "I want what she has!" goes to Michelle McSweeney. I love this top and the sequins detail!

Top: $29.99 Loft

This is a great shirt because you can pretty much wear it anywhere and anytime of day. Love pieces of clothing like this. Very versatile! Great find Michelle.
Also, how great does Michelle look? She had her second son on August 31st and already is back down to pre baby weight! Show off! ;)


Alicia xoxxo said...

Wow! She just had a baby August 31? She does look amazing! Love the shirt! I have very similar, stripes with sequins on the shoulders, and I can wear it anywhere!

Wendy said...

fun! fun!

this free bird said...

She looks FAB!! The shirt is super cute - espesh with the sequins, but I love how healthy and happy she looks, too.



Two For Tea said...

This is a gorgeous shirt...but even more, I love those jeans...mmmmm good denim!!!

<3 Cambria

Kristin Hassan said...

so obsessed with stripes right now so I love this top!


Natalie said...

Love love love this. Her jeans look to be great too!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I agree with Natalie on the JEANS!! Would love to know where they are from.