February 15, 2011

Hair Videos

I've been getting lots of questions about how I do my hair curly and also how to fishtail braid. Last year I made 2 videos and posted them on You Tube. Here are the links to each one!
Hope this helps! Happy curling and braiding ladies!

How to get my curly hair look

How to fishtail braid

In unrelated news, today is my wonderful husbands 32 Birthday! Happy Birthday Ryan! I love you always! xoxo


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Can't wait to see the videos!


Lisa...just watched the videos and they are so helpful! I am going to tackle the fishtail when I get home! xo

Mimi said...

Thanks so much for sharing the fishtail braid. I have watched it over and over trying to get my fingers to hold the hair correctly. It is starting to work! Thanks for sharing

Michaela said...

So cute! And funny...I did tutorials on these same two hairstyles!! Ha(:
Happy birthday to Ryan!

Davis said...

Hey Lisa! I just found your blog from RT by Rachel Zoe. I'm so glad I found you! I do a blog on cheap but chic living and I'll be visiting here often to check out ways to look great while still being a mom. I loved the tutorial on curly hair. I'm growing mine out to achieve this look and I LOVE that I can do this and leave it for a couple of days (I don't wash my hair every day! :) )
Thanks for this post!