June 27, 2011

This weeks "I want what she has!"


This weeks "I want what she has!" goes to Michelle Kuhlemeier. I am gushing over these shoes!

Wedges: $19.99 Discovery

I love me a wedge so obviously I am drawn to a metallic wedge that can be worn with anything and everything. LOVE these Michelle! The pictures don't do them justice. The multiple straps around the ankle is my favorite part! Great find and an even better price! ;)


Gwen said...

Love these shoes! Discovery? Really? I am going to have to make a trip there soon! Michelle looks so pretty too! :)

oomph. said...

wow, and at $20?!! steal!


KaNini's said...

Oh...your shoes are to die for! Love that you've choosen a simple black dress, so those amazing wedges can stand out and shine! ;)

Syrious said...

wow honey totally cute !!!
I LOVE THE SHOES!!! amazing!!!
super lovely blog!
i'm following you by google friends :) hope you'll follow me if you'll like mine

Syriously in Fashion

Carly said...

Seriously under 20 dollars for those...I can really NOT believe it. Impressive.
She looks great and I completely agree w and understand your shoe envy.