February 9, 2012

Dressing to Music: M.I.A- Bad Girls

This song is SICK! This is honestly going to be an anthem song for so many girls! lol
No I don't want to die young, but the beats in this song are amazing. (If we are being honest when I sing it at home and my kids are around I say "life slow, die old, good girls do it well"! I'm not kidding...hope I didn't ruin how cool this song is for you!)
The video is bad ass and it just made me want to put a leather jacket on (well faux leather)! Here is the outfit I came up to while rocking out in my room to this:

Dress: Shop Frankie's Jacket: Forever 21, Shoes: BCBG, Both Necklaces and Rings: c/O Jewelmint

If you guys would mind clicking above, scrolling down to me, and clicking on the heart to vote I would really appricate it! Thank you! xo


The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Wow that dress is just to die for! I love that pattern! I noticed that you cook gluten free....we're are heading in that direction with my oldest daughter, so I'll have to get some tips from you!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Sarah Hartley said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Your dress is FANTASTIC. I love the colors. And I love that you added that jacket. Such a cool edge to it.

Marina_B said...

Amazing outfit, your dress gorgeous...absolutely love it !!
Lovely blog ... Would you like to follow each other ?? ;>
I'm May, see u soon on http://fashionistb.blogspot.com/
xo !!

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks gals! love the dress too, been wanting it for a few months so I finally had to just go for it and buy it! ;)

Cara said...

love that dress!
xo Cara

Unknown said...

I love that dress!! And I super love it with those flats!

Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com

FashionJazz said...

You look totally fabulous!! Love everything about your outfit babe xx

Ashleigh said...

I love your interpretation of the song - great look! You sent this to Nicole right? She will love it!

Unknown said...

LOVE that dress from Frankie's Shop...I was so back and forth on buying it...ADORE that print..it looks amazing on you and especially paired with the LEATHER. YOU ROCK GIRL!

Cacy said...

You look awesome!
Love the dress and the flats too!


Shadhna said...

AMAZING dress! wanna have it now :)

xx Marina


socialitedreams said...

looooove that dress and the shoes

chachamisu said...

as fun as the song! Especially i look the flats like what you wore. Btw hi, this is my first visit, nice blog:)oh i like it life slow, die old...


Amanda said...

omg that dress is just amazing!

oomph. said...

ooh, pretty dress! the outfit is very bold and fiery with the red!


Gwen said...

Love that dress! You look HOT! That jacket is amazing too! :)

melissa rose said...

you look sooo amazing in this outfit! I love the bold print on that dress! Its so you!

Rachel The Hat said...

i feel so bad, i havent stopped by for ages, but have been reading your post with google reader on my mobile. You are looking so good hun! this outfit is so pretty and edgy..your style is totally fab :)