April 25, 2012

GlyMed DermaSound Facial Treatment

I was given the opportunity to try out a new facial treatment now offered at Mario Tricoci. This treatment starts at $185 and takes 75 minutes. 
 The Glymed DermaSound Facial Treatment uses the power of ultrasound to help products penetrate the skin 10,000 times more deeply than with a manual treatment -- delivering the kind of rejuvenating results once offered only by a medical spa. IMG_1954
IMG_1955 Here's a little about the GlyMed DermaSound Facial:
 **Safe for all skin types, guests can chose from two face services
-- the DermaSound Firming and Lifting Treatment and the DermaSound Pigmentation Treatment. Both services use a three-pronged approach to rejuvenate the face:
 · Phase One - Cavitation: cleanses the pores of blackheads, pollutants and make-up debris, and kills bacteria, viruses and microbes. It also provides an extremely thorough, but gentle exfoliation of the skin.
· Phase Two - Sonophoresis: penetrates products 10,000 times deeper into the skin than a manual service. This phase works on a cellular level for more intense, longer lasting benefits.
· Phase Three - Microcurrent: stimulates the musculature of the face and neck, retraining the muscles to regain a more youthful position. Likened to “facial fitness” this phase is extremely firming and tightening.

I chose to get the firming and lifting treatment. IT WAS AMAZING!! I don't think I'll ever be able to get a facial without using the GlyMed DermaSound tool ever again. The results lasts about 45 days and can be seen immediately.
It does not hurt. (I thought it might ;)
It kinda feels like someone is shaving your face. The tool shown above is used a few different time throughout the facial and at the end it is turned down to a pulse mode and is actually very relaxing. Here is my before and shot:
(Yes, I have very transparent skin and scars on this side of my face from a dog attack, look past that please ;) My skin looks dry, flaky, my color is all off, you can see my lines, and well quite frankly, it looks drab.
Here is my after shot:
How relaxed do I look! lol My skin looks amazing. My color is more even, my skin looks super hydrated, my smile line crease is not as noticeable, it looks squeaky clean, and best of all my transparent coloring looks less noticeable. UMMM, AMAZING!
The next morning I felt like my skin looks tighter and frankly I feel like a lost a few years off my face! (hello, wonderful!) I will for sure be having this done again in 45 days! You do it a few times (at 5 week intervals) and once your skin gets to where you like it, you can have it done less often.
I am not a girl who likes the thought of needles and plastic surgery, but this is right up my ally! I strongly recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone. I have sensitive skin and my results were wonderful.
Call your local Mario Tricoci for more information on this service.
*Mario Tricoci now also sell GlyMed products (lotions/serums) as well. (they are medical grade and wonderful!!)


Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

Wow, great results for a first treatment!!! Amazing!

Balancing Lisa said...

right?! I was amazed!!!

Unknown said...

This sounds absolutely amazing!! And at a pretty good price too :)

Alicia xoxxo said...

Wow!!! Now I want this done! Mommyhood has def changed my skin!!! lol!

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