April 2, 2012

Tips and Tricks for Gluten-Free Kids

Again, another item I plan to start cooking from scratch, but for now I love the bisquick box mix pancakes/waffle mix and I add a little flax seed meal. 
Every weekend I make 1-2 boxes at the same time and package it up in ziploc bags and freeze for the week to come. Each bag holds 2 pancakes and I simply put them in the toaster and get my little man out the door in no time flat! We use a sugar free low calorie syrup with them and both my kid LOVE these! Easy, quick, and darn good! 


Laura said...

Hi Lisa,
Do you and the family eat quinoa? It's a gluten free grain, and its my new favorite go to. Similar to a pasta/rice texture, and it has tons of protein in it. I make a big batch on the weekends and use it for everything from Mediterranean salads to quinoa-"mac"&cheese throughout the week. Let me know if you're interested I can send you some recipes.

DFA said...

nice blog , i like thid post

Jason M said...

Thanks for the article. My oldest daughter is dealing with having to eat a gluten free diet! I'll make sure to share this article with her!

Dominick said...

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