May 14, 2012

Reviews on Gluten Free Products

Breakfast Foods:
I am a big fan of cooking from scratch, but sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day. This got me thinking, with all the gluten free products out there, which ones are the best (or at least worth trying). Enter my new segment reviews on gluten free products! ;)gluten free pancake mis
This Pancake mix is AMAZING! I seriously bought it because I thought the packaging was pretty (yes, that really happened), but I LOVE this mix. I still added my flax seed meal to it and myself and the kiddos loved it! I give this one a must buy stamp of approval! ;)
gluten free waffle
Van's Waffles are okay. They are not the best, they are not the worst. My kids love them, I like them ish. They are super easy in the morning so I will buy them again, but they don't taste like my whole made gluten free waffles at all (actually not even close). I'd give this one a buy in a pinch, but don't expect to by drooling over them.
gluten free french toast sticks
Van's French toast sticks. YUCK! My kids wouldn't even eat them. I then tasted saying "come on guys, they're good" and proceeded to spit them out. Sorry Van's, not my favorite of your line. Not at all. I'd give this one a pass.

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Unknown said...

pamela's mixes are amazing!! have you tried her brownie mix?! DELICIOUS :) i am also a huge fan of vans waffles. i eat them everyday for breakfast. i must must must try the french toast sticks!


I need to try that pancake mix!! xo

Katlynn said...

I love that pancake mix soo yummy my boyfrien who is so picky had no idea it wa Gfree!