June 6, 2012

This Weeks "I Want What She Has!"

target dress shoedazzle
This weeks first "I want what she has!" goes to Michelle Kuhlemeier. I am loving this entire look!
Dress: $24.99 Target
Bag: $39.95 Shoedazzle
Head to toe perfection Michelle! I really love your hair, sunnies, and shoes too! I looked at her and literally thought to myself, I want what she has! lol

This weeks second "I want what she has!" goes to Karen Javens. I am gushing over this bracelet!
Bracelet: price and store unknown ;(
She was given this bracelet as a holiday gift at her old job. I think it looks like a Judith Jack design. Either way, it's beautiful and I want it! lol Anyone think they know where this is from?


Fenni Yorena said...

you look super pretty, love the dress


The Buttonboxx said...

That nag is so pretty! xx

Jamie said...

Ironically enough, I'm wearing a bracelet almost identical to that one right now. Mine's not as curvy as this one, but it's so, so close! My hubby got it for me for Valentine's Day at Macy's. Click here for the link!

Hope that helps!! :)

The Blue Hour

ashley said...

I'm loving that dress!

xo Ashley

Olga said...

amazing dress!! Hope you visit my blog!

Gwen said...

Love Michelle's bag and dress! She looks so pretty! Karen's braclet is gorgeous too! :)

Lindsay said...

I absolutely love that bracelet!

Eastvantage said...
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Mutzii said...

that dress is simply stunning! i love it!followed you on twitter, bloglovin and liked your fb too. hope to see you in my social network sites too! :D

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Unknown said...

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