October 19, 2012

Product Review: Cuddle Uppets

I had the opportunity to review a Cuddle Uppet and my kids were over the moon! If you watch any kids television stations you have probably seen the commercial, it has a super catchy song "cuddle cuddle uppets, blankets that are puppets". I know my kids love to sing along with it! ;) 
Here is my son with his yellow puppy Cuddle Uppet: 
He is four and tall for his age and it was still big enough to be a full blanket for him. He wraps it's around his shoulders and puts his hands in the puppet's head and crawls around barking like a dog. It's so funny to watch. It was for sure an instant hit! 
My 2 year old daughter loves it too. She can't get her hand in it to make the dog's mouth move, but she likes to feed it food out of our play kitchen. 
 They are only $19.99 (add a second for $16.99) and you can choose from a yellow puppy, pink poodle, purple monkey, green crocodile, lady bug, and a unicorn. 
Great gift idea for the holidays ahead! 

*ages 3 and up
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