October 23, 2012

Recipe: Burrito Bowls

I recently started making this recipe and now my hubby demands it once a week! ;) I have no recipe, I can just tell you how I make it and you can tweak it to fit your family's dietary needs.
I make double what we would eat in one sitting and use the leftovers for another recipe. I will show you what to do with your leftover in a post tomorrow, so make sure you check back!
Okay, here goes! Super easy and super yummy burrito bowls:
Chicken breasts
black beans (I buy mine dry and soak them in water over night)
taco seasoning (optional, has some dairy and some gluten in it. You can also all chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin, etc.)
Set above items in crock pot on med for 6 hours or high for 3 hours and set aside.
Romain lettuce
shredded cheese (or dayia for dairy free)
sour cream (optional)
rice (brown or white, whatever you have on hand will work)

Once rice is ready, you can set up your burrito bowls.
Add all ingredients to bowls and serve warm.
I like to slice the chicken up into strips and set over the lettuce and rice and add a good heaping spoonful of the taco sauce and beans to the top.
I also added verde salsa to mine to give it a little kick! ;)

That's it! Super easy, super healthy, and super yummy!


Stacy said...

that looks so good! its Almost 9 am but I am getting a craving haha! Thanks for the recipe!

Michelle said...

Yum! Chipotle watch out Lisa's in the house :) Do you put and liquid in with the chicken, and how much if so? Only asking because you know this will be made and instagramed by the end of this week!

Unknown said...

you add 2/3 cup of water if you use the taco seasoning, and that along with the natural chicken juices and beans makes a nice sauce.

Unknown said...

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Polly said...

Oh yum

Lara Paches said...

These look so yummy! And you even look amazing cookin in the kitchen :-)

angryimage said...

they are looking so tasty, yummyyyyyyyyyyy ;)