April 6, 2013

Product Review: Willobark Phyto Toner

You may remember me mentioning Russell Organics before, I am a fan of their product line for sure!
I was recently sent a bottle of the Willobark Photo toner to review and I am OBSESSED with it. Here is a bit about the product:
"The Russell Organics Willowbark Phyto Toner is formulated to be appropriate for all skin types. Willowbark is extracted from the bark of the black willow tree, which is native to eastern North America, using a vacuum distillation method. Following time honored Shamanistic traditions, the extract is made through an aqueous infusion technique from freshly harvested bark that is collected in the spring. The freshly prepared extract is reported to have analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory properties. This particular extract has been shown to enhance cellular turnover. A very mild keratolytic effect smoothes out rough, tired, and dry skin, improving overall appearance.
The smoothing effect, from the active Salicin, results in a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and weathered appearance seen with problem skin. Lavender Hydrosol soothes and balances, while Rosemary Hydrosol revitalizes."

I have been using this toner for 8 days now and I just can't get enough of it. When you spray it on your face the smell of lavender is amazing and it is so refreshing. It reminds me of being at the spa when I close my eyes, and there is NOTHING bad about that! 
 I have found myself using it about twice a day, mainly because I love how it feels on my face...and like I said above, I'm become obsessed with it!

I began using the toner the week before my period.
I generally break out like crazy that week, but this month I did not. Coincidence? Maybe, but either way I'm hooked! My skin looks and feels better, way less dry for sure. I will be buying this product when I run out.

You can get your full bottle for $28 here.

What do you think? Ever try Russell Organics? Ever try this toner?


Unknown said...

I'm always looking for a new product to try! I absolutely love the scent of lavender and I love using toner as a pick me up spritz in the middle of the day. Thanks for the recommendation!


Balancing Lisa said...

you will love it!!!