June 8, 2013

Product Review: Beautisol Self-Tanning Mousse

You may remember the last review I did on a beautisol product, this time I decided to review the self-tanning Mousse from the IFabbo Shop.

Here is what the Self-Tanning Mousse comes with:
 photo e2f271f4-635b-43fe-aac2-c9839ccbb715_zpscd46f37d.jpg 
The directions recommend that you apply the tanner at night time, sleep in dark colored clothing, and after 6-8 hours have passed you can rinse off in the shower.

I used the glove they included to apply the tanner. 
It was a weird gray/brown color which scared me, but I loved the tea tan glow so much that I used before, I figured just keep going. 

Here are photos I took the night before and the next morning after I showered:
 photo beautisol_zps2bf9f35e.jpg  photo selftanner_zps05f5f118.jpg
It defiantly worked! I did have a little issue with my knees, wrists, and ankles. Thankfully most of my mess ups washed off in the shower (operator malfunction for sure). 
I like this product because the color stays on you, but I think I'm a bigger fan of the last Beautisol product I reviewed (Tea Tan Glow, DHA-free). I just like the instant color that washes right off I guess. ;)

I do have to admit though, out of all the self tanners I have used over the years this one works the best!
 It smells but only until you shower (that is hands down my biggest complaint about self tanners...so the fact it only smells until you shower is huge!), left me streak free, and had the least amount of errors on my knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles of any self tanner I have used.

Have you ever tried Beautisol? What do you think of their products?

*You can find Beautisol on FBTwitterPinterestInstagram, and YouTube.


Polly said...

No matter how hard I try, I cannot get fake tan right!

Michelle said...

Lisa this looks great!!! If you make any errors magic eraser usually does the trick to remove it. At least as someone who used to spray tan people daily that was always in the "goodie bag" they got to take home! xo

oomph. said...

you can certainly see the difference in your legs! thanks for the review...i'll need to do mine, now...only my back is tanned (because of my one-piece), need to tan my stomach!!

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