September 27, 2013

Adorable Storage: Organizing Baby's New Room

Despite the best of intentions, that beautiful new nursery you so lovingly decorated will soon resemble last week's episode of Hoarders if you're lacking in functional storage solutions. A new baby arrives home with a startling amount of accessories, and keeping her room neat and tidy requires a dedicated space for each and every one.

Diapering Supplies

A changing table that doubles as storage is almost a necessity in a baby's room. Most changing tables come with some type of drawer or shelving under the table itself. This area is ideal for storing small supplies such as diaper rash ointment, extra newborn diapers, baby powders and oils, wipes and more. Shop your local home stores or baby retailers for attractive containers like these pink-gingham-lined wicker baskets to organize the space under your changing table.
Personalized Pink Gingham Lined Wicker Nesting Baskets by @TheRoyalDetails liked by wickerparadise, visit our wicker furniture selection.
You'll find these baskets in natural wood or color, with liners to fit every decor -- the fabric coordinates with your nursery-room curtains, while the wicker works to complement any woodwork in the room, including wooden blinds. Some brands even sell the liners separately, allowing you to mix and match. Different-colored liners also make it easier to remember which basket gets what. I actually have these baskets in my daughter's room still but they now hold hair pretties, lotions, and dolls (she is 2). 

Toys, Books and Stuffed Animals

If you have the space, wall units add tons of organization. Purchase a modular type of storage unit that you can build and configure to fit the layout of any room.
Creative Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms
Modular storage units like this actually grow with your child. While they work perfectly now to corral the abundance of stuffed animals you received at the baby shower, they'll eventually make versatile storage options for wayward video games, chapter books and tee ball trophies.

Baby Wash, Washcloths, Towels and Bath Toys

Except for the bathtub itself, baby bathing supplies take up surprisingly little space. Store these bottles of aromatic baby wash, tiny wash cloths, hooded duckie towels and small bathtub toys in a simple over-the-door rack.
Over the Door Storage Rack, Wicker Basket Door Rack | Solutions
Mount it on the outside of Baby's door so you can easily grab what you need in one hand as you're heading for the tub with Baby in the other.

Clothes and Shoes

Even the smallest closet benefits from a well-designed closet organizer. These simple, vinyl-coated metal constructions add abundant storage where there once was little-to-none.
Rubbermaid HomeFree series closet system
Combination systems that utilize several types of storage make the most versatile arrangements. They're also the easiest to keep neat and well-organized. Look for a closet organizing system that features both hanging rods and shelving, then add to it with various bins, baskets or covered containers. This will effectively quell those mountains of burp cloths, onesies, rompers, first walking shoes, mittens, coats, suits and frilly dresses.

Mattress Covers, Crib Sheets and Extra Blankets

Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, many new parents begin their careers with enough adorable receiving blankets to easily see Baby through college. Use the bottom drawers of a kid-sized dresser to hold extra mattress covers and sheets, but incorporate the cuteness of extra receiving blankets right into your decor. A plain, wire basket purchased from your local dollar store is all you need to turn these cuddly accessories into eclectic art.
Little Girl May Basket
Roll each selection of coordinating blankets tightly and tuck them into the basket. Display your collection on the floor next to your rocking chair for easy access when you need it most.


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