September 21, 2013

Book Chat: Stark Trilogy

I'm up to it again, smutty book reading that is! 
After I finished the 3rd Crossfire novel (see review here) I was left wanting one more epic love/lust book series. 

After researching books that seemed to have good reviews and were similar to Fifty Shades of Gray and The Crossfire Novels, I came across the Stark Trilogy.

Like all other smutty book series there are dark pasts, secrets, LOTS of sex, bondage, epic I can't breath with out you love, murder, more sex, and obviously a very wealthy leading man. 

Here is the Stark Trilogy:
 photo StarkTrilogy_zps99a29a1b.jpg

I read this series twice. I do that a lot (read and then re-read as I got through these 3 in a week) so I can really decided how I feel about the books. 
I liked this series. I liked the characters. The author fails to describe how Damien and Nikki look so you are left guessing. She does get to their descriptions eventually but there is just something missing in the way the books were written. 
She does not miss a beat in describing the sexual encounters and boy are there a lot of those in these books. If fact the wording and details on these parts left me with my hand over my mouth a few times (partially grossed out and partially thinking it was hot! lol).

It's almost anti climatic as each book runs into the next and the first 2 books are the span of a month tops. Then it fast forwards a bit but mostly its sex, something happens, more sex, something else happens, secrets come out, more sex, more sex, etc...I'm sure you get the picture. ;)

I did enjoy the books. I think Fifty shades and Crossfire were much better, but I did like these (I mean I read them twice already!). 

Have you read the Stark Trilogy? 
Do you read smutty books?

I need something to read next. Thinking I'm going to get away from the smutty books for a bit (they are all starting to run together in my mind) but I love series and trilogies. Any recommendations? 


Michelle said...

Can we start a cross country book club?! We pick books out, then swap them when we're done!?


Sabrina said...

I loved the Crossfire series when I saw you mention them I read them right away within a week or so (lost way too much sleep). Now I am excited for these books. Please keep them coming!

Balancing Lisa said...

;) Glad to hear people are as obsessed as I am! ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

yes please! I need that in my life!