October 12, 2013

FabKids: My Daughter's October Pick

Looks like my bean shares my love of leopard print and I couldn't be more happy!  
This month she was all about this outfit. "This one mama, pretty jewelry, cat legs, and a bow!" You got it babe, like mother like daughter! ;)

Here is the look she picked from her FabKids October showroom: photo Fabkids_zpsaa8d48da.jpg  photo toddlerfashion_zpsc4b09b7c.jpg
Top, Pants, & Headband: c/o FabKids // Shoes: Target

I feel like she was having a bit of a Madonna moment with the pearls and lace bow and again LOVES it! She is even getting a bit more diva in her poses, check out the foot tilt! I was impressed (proud blogger mommy moment! lol). 

Are you a FabKids member yet? 
Can't wait to share my son's October pick with you next week! 

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Unknown said...

the foot pose!! love