January 10, 2014

Happy 4 Year Blog Anniversary

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I can not believe it's my four year blog anniversary today. Who would have thought when I started my blog in 2010 that I would still be doing it and would be blogging in such a big way now. 

Indulge me if you will and lets take a look back at what Stilettos and Diaper Bags has done and become. And, more so, what I have done and become in the past four years. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

In 2010, I started my blog to not get in the "yoga pants rut" as my son was 20 months old and I was finally at the weight I was prior to having him. 
It was more of a diary back then. A way to motivate me to get dressed everyday and take pride in my appearance. Plus it was something that was just for me. It was my escape from reality. Little did I know that two months later I would find out I was expecting our daughter and would then be blogging my pregnancy style. Have you ever gain 50 pounds and then lost if for the world to see and comment on? It's not fun and so fun all at the same time! 

 photo 2010_zpsc5492cbd.jpg

In 2011 I blogged, baby weight and all with two small children. 
 My son showed delays in speech and development and was in early intervention (through the state) we then transitioned into the school for EC. This was the year my son was diagnosed with autism. You would not have know this reading my blog. I came here for my fashion escape. It took me another year or so to let you in on what was going on at home. 
This was also the year I had my second cervical fusion (spinal surgery) so there were some great lows this year for me at home. There were also some great highs for me in the blogger world. I was on TV four times and landed my first few brand collaborations. 

 photo 2011_zps8aba7cc2.jpg

In 2012 I found my new normal. My daughter showed delays in speech so we also began her in EI through the state. I attended Autism One and met Jenny McCarthy. I was becoming a warrior mom who's mission was to make my children fully functioning adults. This is still a mission I am on. That is my main purpose. 
Meanwhile, myself and my sister-in-law went into business together and launched our first website, Because I Shop too Much. We also started a blog together called Sisters Marie
Through all of this the blog was growing beyond what I thought I would be doing! 
And, I chopped off 7 inches of my hair. Why not? It was time for a change. So much had changed over the past few years so I figured my look needed a change too! 

 photo 2012_zpsa05c9fd0.jpg

In 2013 our company launched it's second website (Because They Grow Too Fast) and more brand collaborations keep coming in for the blog. I found myself in 2 German magazines this year and also in Cosmopolitan India for street style. I was on TV again and went ombre with my hair, then back to dark. 
My family life finally leveled off a bit. My daughter ended up having a speech delay so she got an IEP, but it was a relief of sort to not have an autism diagnosis for her as well. 
She started EC when she turned three and has been thriving! 
We leveled off on our bio medical path for my son and finally after 2 years no longer needed to give him shots every 3 days! He too was thriving with his stronger immune system due to our bio meds and my consist need to raise the bar in everything I do. I could write a book about the highs and lows we have been through with my son, but this year we came to realize he is so brilliant and mainstream kindergarten was the absolute right choice. He is now testing at a third grade level for math and reading. (insert happy dance) We have a long way to go, but when I look back, we have come so much farther then they said we would. That's my suck it to "the man". lol 
Though all of this I had the support and love (and patience) of my husband. Who, by the way, has taken 70% of all the photos you have ever seen on my blog! So thank you Ryan, I know you didn't sign up as a hubby/photographer, but I love that you are good at it and don't mind. 

 photo 2013_zpsd84e25e2.jpg

As I start blogging in 2014 I find myself baffled as I hit the one million views mark about 2 days into the year. You guys are my source of energy if you will. You make me want to dream bigger and do more in both my family life and in my professional one. 
Thank you to everyone who have ever stopped by, even if it was just to say "what is she wearing, good lord?!" lol 

I hope you continue to grow with me as I blog my day to day as a fashionable mother, business owner, and blogger. xo


Lindsay Hosanna said...

YAY!!! Wow! Congrats on four fabulous & fashionable years!! Here's hoping there's a lot a more in store!! Best of luck in 2014 & beyond. xoxoxox

Unknown said...

Congrats Lisa! You are a true inspiration to share your journey! Cheers to many many more fabulous blogging years! Xo :)

Kaitlyn said...

Love the recap of the past four years...warrior mom doesn't even begin to describe everything! Happy blog-aversary seester :)

Balancing Lisa said...

awwww, thanks so much Lindsay! I didn't even know you read my blog anymore! ;) nice to see a comment from you! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks Gwennie! you are too sweet and I love you tons! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

you are too sweet! thanks sister! ;) xo

Julie said...

Wow! 4 years!! That is an amazing accomplishment! Good for you! =) Happy blogversary!


Balancing Lisa said...

thanks so much! xo

Unknown said...

Congrats Lisa! You are a true inspiration to share your journey! Cheers to many many more fabulous blogging years! Xo :) May be here's hoping there's a lot a more in store!! Best of luck in 2014 & beyond.

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Unknown said...

Yay... Lisa Congratulations on completing 4 years!! I am really inspired after reading your journey. While reviewing previous years photos I also observed a lot of improvement in your style. I wish you all the very best for 2014..!!!


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oomph. said...

what an amazing journey, lisa, and i'm so glad our paths crossed! happy blogaversary!!