January 18, 2014

Toddler Fashion: Space Swag Outfit

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 photo 9cd39ca6-aa9f-4677-82a8-56288e9dd8b9_zps205b83f7.jpg  photo ba6f0035-5597-4b1f-9129-95ea0058d962_zps4ba5fda3.jpg 
My son's January FabKids pick is such a cool outfit.  
He picked out a glow in the dark top and coated denim. What toddler doesn't need coated denim? 
The fit is amazing and he loves to see the top glow at night.

FabKids lowered their prices and now outfits are only $29.95 and $20 for a second! That my friends, is a steal! 
 photo bad43212-f945-4969-b448-2895f8c4b1c0_zps479e7efe.jpg  photo 1bdd9bbf-876c-439d-a874-09d85c5f5f84_zps2584353a.jpg  photo 96d611c4-f80e-4507-85ca-4eeacf555cb1_zpsd9046d11.jpg
Top & Pants: c/o FabKids // Shoes: Converse 

I don't know about your kids, but mine LOVE glow in the dark. They also love textures that "feel cool". And these pants feel cool! 

FabKids totally makes the clothes to fit what kids actually like. 
The best part, as a parent I love them too! 

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