May 21, 2014

Moles, Check Them! (Update)

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Two weeks ago I shared part one of my "Moles, Check Them!" story. For those of you who did not read my previous post, here's the recap.
I (luckily) had seven moles removed and the results came back that I needed to have 2 surgically cleaned out because cancer and pre cancer cells were found. I also needed to have 3 more moles on my front surgically removed because of their size and location.

I went in for my 2 hour procedure thinking it would be an easy recovery. I was so not right!
I ended up having 42 internal stitches and then each area was stitched shut (I had the exterior stitches removed on day eight).

The first three days I was in bed. I was unable to lay on my stomach or back so I really didn't sleep for a few days. By day 6 I was able to move around and even drive a car again by day 8!

Here are some photos and the results from the next round of biopsies:
 photo checkyourmoles_zpse327aa19.jpg  photo cancer_zps9f8fd500.jpg  photo moles_zps73725b12.jpg

As you can see, my eye lid one has heeled amazingly! The above photo was taken day 12 and I can't believe how great it already looks. 

I am well on my way to recovery! I have my next round/check up in four months. At that time we check the nine we took photos of 2 months ago, and if any of them have changed we biopsy those and go from there. 

That's what happens when you wait 35 years to have your moles checked. So everyone use me as a cautionary tale and CHECK YOUR MOLES! 

Do you go in for regular skin check-ups? Have you have had any moles removed?


Julie said...

WOW 42 internal stitches?! yikes!! So glad you caught it when you did! That's scary. My husband and I just recently made appointments to get ours checked out. Fingers crossed!

Balancing Lisa said...

so smart of you! Hope all is fine. It's scary, but better a bit of pain then the alternative! ;) xo

Unknown said...

Oh man! Well I'm hoping the rest of recovery goes by quickly for you!

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks so much sarah! xo

Jen said...

I had a few moles removed in my mid-20's due to their unusual appearance... Luckily, everything came back negative. The scars are there, but they are hardly noticeable and small price to pay as a preventative measure. Best of luck in recovery!! :)

Unknown said...

It's so great that you're posting this...what's not "normally" posted on a fashion blog!
I keep an eye on my moles and have my doctor check them out if they look weird....I've had one right beside my nipple (TMI? haha) that came out of no where...that one was a little awkward to get checked...but I guess if my male doctor gives me paps and delivers my babies why not check out my boobs too? That one was ok, but I had one on my lower back removed, it was all good too :)

Natasha ~ TashaDelrae

Jessi said...

Love you! Glad they caught the ones they did. xoxo

- Jessi