July 16, 2014

Toddler Fashion: Beach Boy Outfit

 photo ddea94c0-8506-40b3-87a7-0a1809eec336_zpsc0fc2016.jpg  photo 659a1275-7535-4b11-903d-51a96e211d88_zps69c3b827.jpgMy son saw the above outfit on FabKids and had to have it. "I love the fish! And the shorts are cool I can wear that with my other shirts. It's good for summer, right?". My son the stylist! ;)
As an added bonus, we discovered the below shirt in our package too. I had no idea we would be getting a 3-piece set for only $29.95! 

He was so excited and honestly it just gave him more ideas on his mixing and matching of prints. He has been styling lots of "crazy business" outfits (as he calls them) and choosing very bold print mixing in his daily street style. But I digress.... 
 photo 714cd0c2-2c00-4636-b0b6-5db371bd5b5e_zps740b56db.jpg  photo 185c1683-6d5c-4b87-a76e-6379943e6dd7_zpse3567060.jpg
2 Tops & Shorts: c/o Fab Kids // Shoes: Sketchers 

I love both looks. But more importantly, so does the little man.

What do you think of bold print mixing? What looks are you loving in boys fashion this summer?

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