September 1, 2014

How-To Contouring for Everyday Wear

I don't know about you, but I am sick of looking on Pinterest at all the contouring photos and thinking "how can anyone wear that much makeup?"! I decided to head over to my local MAC store an take a lesson in everyday contouring. I ended up doing a bit of shopping as well, I mean once you know what to do, you DO need the products, right? I thought so. 

Here is what I came home with:
 photo baa507f5-617c-4a1c-8a0b-d0aa5b371724_zps3127b17b.jpg

Here is my video tutorial of how to get the everyday contouring look. I did not speed it up or add music so you could actually follow along if you'd like. I hope you enjoy!

These are the product names and colors I used in the video:
-MAC Mineralize Concealer (NW20)
-MAC Mineralize Foundation (NC20)
-MAC Prep + Prime Hightlighter (light boost)
-MAC Fix+ spray
-MAC Powder Blush (used for contouring) in Harmony Matte 
-MAC crease brush #224
-MAC angled brush #168

Since the color in the video was a little off, I wanted to show you how subtle this technique really looks in person. Below are photos taken right after I finished recording the above how-to video. 
 photo contouring_zps979a6d02.jpg
If I was going out at night, I'd add blush and a bit darker on the cheek bones, but this is great for everyday! 

What do think of my everyday contouring video and photos? Did this help you at all? Should I do more videos?

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