December 17, 2014

DIY Christmas Gift Idea

Buying gifts can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it doesn't feel so personal. Sure, everyone loves a new scarf or bag, but lets get the creative juices flowing while saving some cash at the same time. 

I love making holiday ornaments and personalized items as gifts but this year  the Illinois Lottery helped me mix it up a bit. I  turned instant tickets into a Holiday gift for a friend or family member (18 or over of course!), you can even incorporate the tickets into your holiday decor or festivities! How fun is that?

What you need: 
-24 $1 holiday Illinois Lottery tickets
-4 pieces of red paper
-1 piece white paper
-tape or glue
-a marker or sharpie 
 photo IMG_7985_zps6fd59af9.jpg
-using white paper & scissors make a snowflake
-tape or glue all 4 pieces of red paper together
-tape or glue snowflake to center
-tape 6 tickets together on add to each side of snowflake
-write in your own special message
 photo IMG_7986_zps76aa6277.jpg  photo IMG_7988_zpsdb021dc0.jpg  photo IMG_7991_zpsa527ad5a.jpg

I love this! The gift ended up costing $24 and I used what I already had around the house to finish it. When I give it away my lucky friend will have 24 chances to win up to $200 per ticket! Fun, unique, and you can bet no one will be returning this gift (unless they have to go cash in their winnings that is!). 

Do you ever get crafty with your holiday gifts or decor? Would you love to receive a gift like this?

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