December 2, 2014

Outfit: Thanksgiving (part 1)

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Every year I spend Thanksgiving day at a different location. I generally rotate between my dad's side and my in-laws side, so I don't get to see my mom or my siblings on the actual holiday. To remedy that my mom always tries to get us together one weekend in November and she makes us Thanksgiving dinner. It's the one time I get to eat my grandma's recipes and it just reminds me of when I was younger. Plus my mom is hands down the best cook ever, so who am I to turn down a second holiday meal?

I kept my look super casual by braiding my still damp hair. I then layered my knit poncho over another knit and paired them with skinny jeans and a few accessories.
 photo IMG_7387_zpsa89018c8.jpg  photo IMG_7393_zps9242a962.jpg
 photo IMG_7386_zpse06e1a0d.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zpseb332f40.jpg
Poncho: Old Navy // Knit & Jeans: Express // Shoes: Old Navy // Earrings: Jewelmint // Watch: House of Gemmes // Rings: T+J Designs 

Dinner was as amazing as it always is. I could literally live on my grandma's (now my mom's) Italian stuffing alone for the rest of my life. TRUTH!

Here is a shot of our spread this year:
 photo IMG_7410_zps12fa06d2.jpg

So colorful and so yummy! Thanks again mom! xo

What do you do for Thanksgiving? Check back tomorrow for my Thanksgiving day outfit and post. 

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