July 15, 2015

Current Obsessions: Summer Edition

This summer weather has been all over the place so being tan in July is not a given anymore here in the Midwest. Throw in the fact that I've had 12 skin biopsies now, and sunblock + tanning towelettes have become my best friends. Here are a few of my favorite summer items:

Kate Somerville 360 Tanning Towelettes:
When it comes to tanning, these towelettes take the cake! I use one body and one face per week and I'm not sure I could ever go back to the drugstore sprays and towelettes I use to use. They do not make you orange, just a great tan color and the streaking really is minimal if any (which is so key!). To be honest I only had streaks once on my feet, but that was after my first use and now I know what I'm doing.

Bathing suit: I've gotten so many questions about this suit over on my Instagram, I had to tell you all about it. This one-piece is hands-down my favorite this year. It is reversible. Yes, two suits for the price of one! The straps in the back hold everything in place and it's just so unique, what's not to love? The back is a bit "cheeky" (pun intended) but it just gives the suit more personality. 
Also, I'm wearing the tanning towelettes from above int he below photos. See, it's a nice bronze color, no?

Sunblock: As I've previously written about, I love Sunology. I not only use the two products below, but I also use the one they have for kids. Great product and a great price. A little goes a long way and I use these daily.

Hats! No summer would be complete without a great hat...or ten! I have about ten in my current collection that range from fedora to floppy. All are great and all are a must not only for fashion, but for sun protection. 

Here are a few I'm currently loving: 

What are you currently obsessed with? Any summer must haves that I should know about? 

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