September 29, 2015

Coach Fall Event

Super excited to announce and invite you all out to an event I am hosting next week. Official information below as well as RSVP link. Make sure you get on the guest list for food, champagne, and shopping (complete with limited edition collection gifts).  There will also be a table set up of all my favorite fall finds, which I am so excited to share with you. Coach has really evolved a lot over the years and this fall collection is so on point! Hope to see you all for a fun night out in the suburbs! xo

Join Coach & Lisa Fergus of Stiletto’s & Diaper Bags for a special evening event to celebrate the launch of the Coach Fall 2015 Collection
Oakbrook, IL 

You and a guest are invited to be among the first to shop the new fall collection.
   Please click on the link below to RSVP
      Limited Edition collection gift with purchase

September 21, 2015

A Tale of Two Gladiator Sandals...

 photo IMG_5212_zpse8byrgpz.jpg  photo IMG_5219_zpsvtyhj3hc.jpg  photo IMG_5186_zpstogiuu4i.jpg

About three years ago, I decided I needed to try the gladiator sandal trend. The only problem was that year in and year out there was not one pair that I truly loved. Sure, I have quite a few ankle high styled ones, but non that went all the way up my leg. Until now that is! 

I was recently on Instagram and saw my cousin Katie wearing these and was like SWOON... I want, I need! ;) Within minutes of hearing where she got them I realized they had one left in stock in my size (which means it was meant to be) and the rest is history! I know I should be stocking up on fall items but these babies are great for now and the next few years as well!  Aren't these gladiator sandals beautiful?! I realize that they are a bit of a splurge item, but I recently got paid so again, meant to be! 

 photo IMG_5228_zpstkpq0taz.jpg  photo IMG_5187_zpsempkkuau.jpg  photo IMG_5184_zpsxxnqtdhq.jpg

To make them transition into the cooler fall-like temperatures we are currently experiencing, I paired them with a classic denim on denim look. Cut-offs, a chambray top, a great plaid button up tied around my waist, and a show-stopping statement necklace. In the end, I tossed on my new fringe bag and was good to go for my day of running around and traveling. 

 photo IMG_5229_zpsaiwhoxoq.jpg  photo IMG_5177_zpsx7vrlr5p.jpg
Top: JC Penny // Shorts: Old Navy // Button Up // Sandals // Bag // Necklace // Triple Ring // Oval Ring: Hand made by street vendor in Austin, TX 

What do you think of these shoes? Is this a trend you have tried (or have been afraid to try) over the past few years?

September 18, 2015

Outtakes: Volume 4

I'm at it again you guys. My outtakes folder in my iPhoto was filling up which means it's time for an outtakes post! It's been a few months since my last bloopers post here on Stilettos and Diaper Bags, so I have quite a few photos to show you.

Without further ado, I give you Outtakes: Volume 4!

"Awkward pose, blurry face"
 photo IMG_1353_zpsqptqx6tg.jpg

"Stop making me laugh, I can't keep a strait face (or foot)!"
 photo IMG_1783_zps4cwyxers.jpg

"Time for a token heel pop!"
 photo IMG_2200_zpsiacvl59v.jpg

"Honey, please stop rapid firing my camera."
 photo IMG_2786_zpsprobexbp.jpg

"OK, fine babe rapid fire, but I can't use any of these photos!" 
 photo IMG_2794_zpshoyweli9.jpg

Not "RBF" just "BF" ;)
 photo IMG_3119_zpshogcnofq.jpg

Shooting with Kaitlyn and laughing my tush off (as per usual). 
 photo stilettos_zps2ja3evud.jpg(source

"I'm pretty sure that car just parked and is now watching us."
 photo IMG_4019_zps4pz9f4lt.jpg

"Well, let's give them something to look at!" ;)
 photo IMG_4026_zpso3aqv21h.jpg

"Wait. Just wait...I can't."
 photo IMG_4123_zps31r8qvwp.jpg

"I'm so glam... and then I look at this photo and realize I'm not!"
 photo IMG_5062_zpsucfsggf5.jpg

As most of you already know, I currently write for two blogs (Stilettos and Diaper Bags & Sisters Marie), so I've got a lot of "cutting room floor" type posts. Feel free to check out more of my outtakes (posts herehere, hereherehere,  here, herehere, and heresince we are already keeping it light today. 

What do you think of this round of outtakes? Which from above is your favorite? 

September 15, 2015

I see you Fall....

 photo blogger_zpsluqfpa4d.jpg  photo chicago20blogger_zpskta6zp2t.jpg

Over the weekend we had some classic fall weather. I love weekend days with the family when it is warm during the day and cool at night. Yes, this week it looks like summer is back, but next week we will find ourselves wanting scarves and coats again.

On this day, these summer shorts transitioned perfectly by adding a blush blouse, wedge bootie, and wool coat. I never actually put the coat all the way on, over the shoulder was just the right amount of coat for me. ;)

 photo chicagoblogger_zpsqdsruyxw.jpg  photo mom20blogger_zpsxthn043x.jpg  photo stilettos_zpsma7sz9mj.jpg

By adding just a few gold accessories and these stunning Zac Posen glasses I was good to go. Plus, what better hairstyle for days you don't have time to dry & style, then a good topknot? Not many in my opinion.

 photo diaperbags_zpsy9b2iqtg.jpg  photo diaper20bags_zpsm3cirdji.jpg  photo IMG_5123_zpsk3d8wlwz.jpg
Top & Shorts: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Bag // Shoes // Jacket: Victoria's Secret // Sunglasses: Ditto (use code SADB to receive 1st month of designer sunglasses FREE!) // Necklace // Cuff // Watch // Rings: Rocksbox

How are you transitioning your summer clothes into the fall months? What do you think of this pairing?

September 8, 2015

Falling for Fall Fashion

 photo IMG_5064_zps0c1f1l6d.jpg

Summer is officially over and I am so ready to break out the fall fashion! In true "me" form, I had to buy a new maxi dress to kick the season off the right way. I mean, can you ever have too many maxi dresses, can you? I think not. 

I decided to pair this beauty with two of my favorite fall colors. Emerald green and navy blue are seriously my favorites to wear. My third favorite is maroon, so this outfit was simply color bliss to me! 

 photo IMG_5044_zpss283osnw.jpg  photo IMG_5061_zps3vpph7pl.jpg  photo IMG_5048_zpsvmfbvsz4.jpg

This dress is so comfortable and the perfect length for a wedge or heeled bootie. Speaking of bootie, how amazing are these navy ones? I am obsessed with the color, the heel, and the tassel laces! They come in four colors and I think I may need to grab one or two more pair...just saying. 

I decided to duplicate the navy from the boots in the hat as well. Yes, it's a bit matchy matchy, but I loved wearing it and that's all that matters. ;) I also added another color, emerald in the sunglasses. Let's take a minute and drool over these Zac Posen cateye glasses, OK, back to my outfit details...

 photo IMG_5056_zpsukkdq1nv.jpg  photo IMG_5050_zps26uyxx21.jpg  photo IMG_5063_zpsttxrltpf.jpg

Overall, the outfit is simple and easy yet felt very put together. I love outfits that can be styled so many different ways (layering people!) but on the first run I always go for the obvious styling. I can't wait to wear it many more times this fall and winter! 

 photo IMG_5052_zpspla4te3g.jpg
Dress // Boots // Bag // Hat: Gap // Sunglasses: Ditto (use code SADB for 1st month of designer sunglasses FREE!) // Watch: Fossil (similar) // Zig Zag Ring 

Are you ready for fall fashion? What are your favorite colors to wear during the fall season?