February 15, 2016

Red Lip Classic Thing That You Like

If you read my other blog Sisters Marie, then you know I had planned to wear this outfit this week. Let's start at the beginning of this story, shall we? I was at our family lake house and Kaitlyn & myself were taking outfit photos. In a last minute styling, I passed Katie my sweatshirt, coat, and hat and the pairing became my fast favorite. As soon as she added it to her skinny jeans and cut-out boots  I blurted out "I am literally wearing this outfit this week!" And here we are folks. I am, if nothing else, a woman of my word! How did I own all these pieces for so long and never pair them together? 

To make the outfit less of "style steal" (if wearing the same outfit can be less...lol!), I switched out the long layered necklace she wore for a delicate, single gold bar. I also added a bright infinity scarf to tie my winter essentials into the look. In the end I loved wearing it as much as seeing it on someone else! ;) Perfect example of everyday winter wear for me here in the Midwest. 

Jacket: Sheindsie (similar) // Sweater: The Rage // Jeans // Boots // Sunglasses // Scarf: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Hat // Watch

Have you ever seen someone in your clothes and thought "I'm wearing that same styling immediately!"? What do you think of this pairing?

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