April 17, 2016

Let's Chat About a Great Service, Shall We?

As a blogger I am gifted many items (or compensated with payment), but what I choose to write about is always up to me. Today we are talking about a service that is free for anyone to try! Let me preface with the fact that I was not given any clothing, money, or discount to write this post. I just really loved this service and wanted to tell you about it. If you choose to try it out too, please use my referral code and get me a discount on my next box! Yes, there will be a next box...it was that good! 

I give you Trunk Club. They have services for both men and women and you can choose to have items shipped to you or make an appointment at their Chicago location. I went with the first option. 

You create an account (adding you sizing & shipping info) and the stylist will ask you some questions too. When you trunk is ready you can view the entire trunk and take out any items that don't fit your needs, budget, or style. I think I turned down about five with higher price points, told Monica what I was looking for and the Trunk shipped from there. When it arrived it was like Christmas! Everything fit me like a glove, was totally my style, and my only issue was, my budget didn't allow keeping it all! Which leads me to another great thing about Trunk Club, they only charge you for what you keep. Shipping both ways, as well as scheduling a UPS pickup, was on them! 

Here is how the package arrived: 

Everything was organized by style and beautifully displayed. I was excited to find it wasn't just clothing either. I had shoes, sunglasses, scarfs, belts, and more to choose from! 

In the end, I kept four or five items and had so much fun playing dress up with the rest. I plan to highlight some of these looks in the next few outfit posts so keep an eye out this week on the blog. And if you see something you like? Just ask Monica if she can send you one for yourself! 

Have you ever tried Trunk Club before? I want my hubby to use it when I do next too! 

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