November 4, 2016

How to get my Wavy Hair

Lately I've been getting lots of questions about my hair and how I get my waves. It is so easy you guys! I wash my hair at night and let it air dry. The next morning I use a curling iron and grab about 15 sections (yes, that's it, no sectioning off and curling the entire head!) and spray with hair spray. Over the next two days, all I do is add dry shampoo to the roots, dry conditioner to the ends, and wave spray to re-activate the curls. That's it! I generally wash my hair every 3rd or 4th day. Seriously! ;) 

I have linked my two favorite irons as well as my favorite dry shampoo, dry conditioner, and wave spray. I hope this helps! Keep the questions coming, I'd love to share all my tricks. 

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Do you already use any of these products? Do you find out about a new product or method because of this post? Let's chat in the comments section! 

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