November 11, 2016

The Evolution of my New Extensions


If you have followed me here on Stilettos & Diaper Bags for years, then you know I love me some long hair! I have tried just about every kind of extensions since 2005, and this time around I went with Dream Catchers. For those of you that are not familiar with Dream Catchers, they are known as the "worlds best hair extensions". The hair is 100% human remi hair and the color never fades. With maintenance every 8-10 weeks your extensions can last up to two years. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but talk about a lot of bang for your buck! 

 I found this great salon, Joanna's Hair & Lash Extensions in Algonquin, and decided to mix it up from the beaded weft that I have had the last two times. After having a color matching consultation, we agreed that getting ombre extensions would not be the best match for my hair. Instead, they color matched all three colors I currently have in my hair and ordered a full set (which is 5 bundles). Here are photos of what my hair looked like the day they were put in. 


I have to say, the environment of Joanna's hair & lash extensions is so amazing. There is music playing in the background and everyone is talking and really happy with the results they are seeing.  I know I was personally having Beyonce moments with my hair (doing hair flips and all)! While I was there, others were getting eyelash extensions put in and as each of us finished our services, our moods were elevated. People are naturally in a better mood when they feel good about themselves and everyone who was leaving was in the best mood ever! I would love to work in a place were I made people happy on a daily basis. You rock Joanna! 

(only dream catchers in)

After about a week and two washes, I decided I wanted more hair put in. Since my hair had a very blunt cut prior to putting my extensions in, I didn't love how my natural hair was showing in a few spots when it was not curled. Not to mention, my natural hair is the shortest length that I have ever had extensions put in at. To be clear, this was nothing the salon did wrong, it is all personal preference when it comes to how much hair you want to add as far as fullness and length. 

In the end, I decided not to add anymore Dream Catchers. I wanted to save some cash and I still had my hair leftover from the last time I had Suzie put in my beaded weft. Joanna not only squeezed me in on no notice, but she used her expertise to move around the different colors to make room for my new dark row in the back while still blending the colors to look natural. I AM OBSESSED! I seriously am so in love with this longer hair. 

(after adding one row of beaded weft in dark)

Have you ever tried extensions? If you live in IL, I highly recommend Joanna for your next appointment. I think I may need to have her try out lash extensions next. Has anyone tried those? I have so many questions. Let's chat in the comments sections! 

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