March 3, 2017

Natrual & Organic Products Worth Trying

Self Tanner: c/o True Natrual 

With Spring quickly approaching, I always enjoy trying new safe self tanning products. I love the sun, but as I have shared in the past, it doesn't necessarily love me back. When it comes to the sun you have to be safe, but I still enjoy looking tan. When it comes to the products we put on our skin, we have to be safe as well. Enter True Natural. Here is a bit about the brand: "With so many of today’s skincare issues linked to chemicals in the products we use everyday, it’s a relief to know that a company like True Natural takes their awareness of and commitment to pure ingredients so seriously. As an added piece of mind, most items are gluten-free and no animal testing is done on any products."

Below is a photo of me after one application. In the photo below that one, that is me after two applications. I really love this stuff you guys! The face tanner doesn't me me break out (which is key!) and it goes on easily and dries fast. I also loved that I didn't end up streaky. Nothing worse then having an obvious fake tan. I really feel like this product looks natural on my skin tone and I feel good about it because they are made from natural ingredients. 

As I spoke about it above, sun protection is very important to me and my family. Sunology is a brand I have used for the past two years and it is still on of my favorites. I tend to use SPF 50 on both myself and my kids so these are two of my favorites. 

Sunscreen: Sunology 

Creamy Make-up, Lip Stick, & Eye Shadow: c/o Benecos 

Hello natural makeup! I was not familiar with this brand, but I have to say I am a fast fan. The creamy make-up goes on smooth and gives coverage without feeling heavy on your skin. I used it more in spots and not really all over my face. I love me some bronze shades of eyeshadow so this color flawlessly mixed into my daily routine. It's the perfect amount of shimmer while staying age appropriate. Does that make sense? I love looking dewy, not glittery. ;) Lastly, this lip color is giving me life! It feels more like a chap stick going on, and this color watermelon is perfect for all seasons. I can't wait to try more items from this brand. 

I am a big fan of essential oils and defuse them daily in my home. I am not opposed to sprinkling oil on my bed, but my hubby always comments on me getting oil on our sheets. Enter this spray! I love a good linen refresh and this lavender vanilla spray is so amazing for a mid-week freshen up. I use a lot of Honest products in my home, lotion, chapstick, kids shampoo, & dish soap, to name a few and I have to say it is a brand I do stand behind. 

Air-Fabric Freshener: The Honest Company 

What are some natural and/or organic products you love? Let's chat in the comments section!

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