May 14, 2018

The Big Chop: Hair Donation & Life Lessons

Good morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend! Did you do anything fun? I enjoyed a relaxing Friday night in with the fam bam (family movie night), brunch to celebrate Mother's Day with my in-laws (Lake House LynKait Lately) & a neighbor hangout on Saturday, and yesterday, well yesterday was bliss! Thank you to my hubby and kids for making me feel so special all day long. And mom, I love you & can't wait to celebrate with you soon! 

OK, so if you follow me on IG, then this is old news. If not, you guys I did it! I got the big chop. This is hands-down the shortest my hair has been in the past 22 years and I love it for so many reasons. Let's talk about the reason that I went for it, shall we? There were two major reasons that lead me to make this decision: 1) I wanted to donate my hair to someone who needs it. 2) I wanted to teach my daughter a lesson in beauty. 

I have donated my hair three other times in my life, and I wanted to do it one last time. (Well, I think one last time.) I see myself as a women in her 50's & 60's with long hair, so this was a good excuse to really go for it and try out a cute short cut and help someone in need at the same time. That my friends is me they call a win, win. Wanting to donate your hair too? Most require 12 inches, but I've linked two below that would be more then happy with at least 8 inches. I ended up mailing in 9 inches, and I can't tell you how good it makes me feel that it will go to a child that needs it! 

Now, about my daughter and the lesson she needed to learn. She made a comment to me recently that really upset me. Not upset at her, but upset if that I in any way had made her come to this conclusion. After all, I have been a blogger since before I even got pregnant with her. So, she has only known mom as someone who goes on photo shoots, wears extensions on & off, and has quite a collection of all things fashion & beauty. 

I asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut with me, as she generally gets hers done at the same time and she was all "NO WAY!". I told her about how I planned to donate my hair and how some kids are so sick and their medicine makes them loose their hair. I told her there are all sorts of kids and adults that would love something as simple as a wig and it could really make some one's day! She then told me that she could not cut her hair because she wants to be beautiful and you need long hair to be beautiful. OK, I have failed her (insert mom guilt). So, I planned to go short, but I actually went more short after that comment was made. It is one thing to tell you children that beauty is only skin deep, it is another to live it. So off with my hair! 

After my daughter saw me she loved it! She did say that she prefers long her on herself, but agrees all hair can be beautiful. We also went into depth on how a super model can be the ugliest person if she's not the kindest, and someone she might not think to be pretty could be the most beautiful girl in the world because of her personality. Of course these are not new topics we were discussing, I guess it was just some thing that needed to be revisited and in this case, proved. ;) 

Now let's talk about this amazing cut & color. I have been going to Elle Salon for the past 18 months or so, and I will literally never go anywhere else again! When it comes to my hair, I feel super comfortable with two hair stylist there. Jillian does my twice a year "makeover" cuts/color and Renee does my root touch-ups, hair glazes, and now my 5-6 week trims. I have to stop and give Jillian mad props as this is maybe the best haircut I've ever had. She is like a hair magician you guys. An artist if you will, and she loves a good makeover cut so we had so much fun going shorter and shorter and so much darker then I was before. 

Have you ever donated you hair? Do you ever tell your kids one thing and notice they believe in the other? This mom job is never easy, but if I had to get this super cute cut again to prove her wrong, I would in a heart beat!

Thank you again Jillian, I absolutely love what you came up with for my new do! I hope you all make it a great day. xoxo


Unknown said...

Just read your blog post and loved it ! And thank you for the super kind words about me.and the salon! Loved getting to be the one to make the change with you!


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