May 2, 2018

The Must-Have Playsuit of the Season

Good morning friends, happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a great piece of clothing that truly is a must-have for everyone, the Playa Playsuit. Each season cabi puts out another version of this style (this season they also have the Simple Playsuit too, which is the pants version, still sleeveless), and it is so much more then a cute romper and/or jumpsuit. Not only is it effortless and super easy to wear and style, but it also ends that statement that literally everyone says just after they tell you why they dislike rompers/jumpsuits. The bathroom statement. You know the one, "I don't like getting naked to "go" when I'm out." Well, me either! And I guess cabi heard our reservations and literally created a romper and jumpsuit that you do not have to take off the top half to "go". 

The playsuit is simply connected in one small section in the front, giving the illusion of a tucked in top with matching bottoms. The reality is a super easy one-piece outfit that can be layered over and even dressed up or down. I not only own this one, but also the Simple Playsuit from this season, and the short-sleeved one from last. Actually, check out the link to the short-sleeved post, I show photos of how you can "go" at the bottom of that one. ;)

This is a style that I will pick up ever season as long as they put it out! It's easy to play with the kids and be active in, travel in comfort in, and wear dressed up with heels & a blazer or jacket for a night out. What's not to love about a piece that can do all that? Not much ladies, not much. 

On this day I decided to rock head to toe cabi Clothing, because why not? I mean.... do you see how great they all are? I am obsessed with the linen trench and the belt and earrings are giving me life. What is you favorite item from this outfit? For me it's the playsuit, but these earrings have been on major repeat too. So have the jacket and I guess it's all my favorite!

Playsuit, Jacket, Sandals, Belt, Earrings: c/o cabi Clothing 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. Go out there and make it a great day! xoxo

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Dressed With Soul said...

Your playsuit is super coat and I love also the coat!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena