August 22, 2018

Back-to-school Shopping at Woodfield Mall

We are officially just under two weeks left until school starts and that means it's time for my favorite back-to-school tradition, shopping with my kiddos! Each year we look more forward to this, and as my kids are getting older and they have specific styles they want to look for. When it comes to shopping, it only made sense to head to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. It has been the go-to back-to-school shopping destination for Chicago-area families for more then two decades now, and they have a great selection of children and juniors brands. But where to start? Glad you asked! ;) 

When we first arrived we picked up a directory and sat down to map out the stores we wanted to visit. This would expedite our timeline since it is a large mall with many options. We also needed specific items. My daughter needed gym shoes, both kids needed backpacks, and my son was in need of a new hoodie. They both obviously need everyday back-to-school clothing as well, so we narrowed it down to three stores for everything. Fist up, H&M. 

You guys! If you haven't popped into an H&M recently and looked at their children's section, you are doing your kids (and your wallet) a disservice. We found full outfit after full outfit that my kids loved and the prices were on point! Below are two looks we bought in their entirety. I mean, I would wear my daughter's outfit and my hubby said the same thing about my sons. I would also like to point out my son has literally worn his new hoodie everyday since this day. I think we may need to pick up another...we found his new obsession, layers!

 Blouse, Skirt, & Boots: H&M

 Hoodie, Polo Shirt, & Skinny Jeans: H&M

Next up, Kids Foot Locket for gym shoes. I have to admit, I had never been in a Kids Foot Locker before. They made it so easy to find styles as all shoes are in sections based on shoes size. My kids were both in the same "size section", so it was just a matter of them making a decision and hoping it was in stock in their size. They both tried on quite a few styles, but in the end they both loved these Nike styles. When it comes to footwear, I'm all about letting them choose the colors/styles they want. Think about it, kids only have so many choices they can make in any given day, so allowing them to dress how they want is an option my kids are given. That goes double for clothing. 

 Nike Sneakers: Foot Locker

OK, now off to find more clothes and a backpack for each of them. So Tilly's is a store that my kids are just fitting into for the first time this year. They are both in XS/S in the kids section, but this really opened us up to new brands and trends to try out. This made both my kids quit happy! First up, they choose backpacks. My son opted for a larger bag that has a tablet/laptop area and my daughter with a rainbow Jansport. I really love what they both got.

HisHers Backpacks: Tilly's 

Time for some clothes shopping. We hit the jackpot here. My daughter put on outfit after outfit and each time she had a sassy little walk. She is so excited to start second grade and show her friends here new more grown up styles. Honestly, I would wear either (or both for that matter) outfits she has styled below. My dude was in his element. Ever since we went to Hawaii in February, he gravitates toward "shaka vibes" styles, as he calls it. Or clothing you would wear or buy on a vacation. What can I say, he's a surfer dude at heart and Tilly's had him covered!  

 Girls Sweater & Skirt, Boys Tee & Pants: Tilly's 

 Boys Button up, Tee, & Shorts, Girls OverallsTee: Tilly's

We found everything we needed and even stopped for lunch in their new dinning center. Woodfield Mall really does have something for everyone and it truly is the perfect place for all your back-to-school needs. Now my kids can't wait for the temps to drop so they can wear all their great new fall items! 


Have you started your back-to-school shopping yet? Do you shop at Woodfield Mall? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I hope you make it a great day! xoxo

*I did receive compensation for this post, however all opinions above are my own. 


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