January 30, 2020

Time for a Chat

You guys, it's finally time we have a talk. These past couple of years have been hard for me in my personal life. Really hard, and I'm not going to share more then that about it, but the point is when my life got that way, this blog went on auto pilot. I was so deep in my anxiety that I stopped sharing things about daily life on IG and began posting less and less. I stopped being consistent. I also stopped being inspired and went into like a robot mode where I just kept up. I am so grateful to the brand partnerships (which I truly only share with you guys if I feel I love it or the brand aligns with my core principles) and sponsored content, but because I was going through so much, that was all that I would post. Sure, there are exceptions to this rule, but overall I have not been putting my all into this blog in years and it's high time that changes.


It is also such a difficult time in the world right now. The last few years with all of the tragedy, politics (also a tragedy), natural disasters, climate change, women's rights, me too movement, people in cages, the list goes on and on... It's difficult to see all of this and not be affected. It's difficult to see all of this and keep a "business as usual" mentality. It's difficult to voice my opinions because I hate conflict. I will never understand yelling your point at someone and making them feel less intelligent if their beliefs are not your beliefs, so I don't say my opinions about a lot of topics online. This is a platform after all. And although I do not plan to have any sort of angle in that sense, I do plan to post about topics as they come up if I have something to say about it. My only hope is that there can be a respectful conversation at that time if I do so choose to talk about it.

So....going forward, I promise you that I will post more things that are truly me. I will share my honest opinions and show you more real life moments. I will still post photo shoot type photos, but I will also be highlighting some true #OOTD moments and some photos from around my house. That's right you guys, we're taking it back to the old school blogging days. There will be new segments too...actually a few of them coming soon!

Sweater: pop-up shop Elgin, IL // Skirt: c/o Evereve // Shoes: c/o Cabi Clothing (from 2018) // Jacket: c/o Trendsend // Bag: Poshmark (Sole Society) // Hosiery: Walgreens

To heal from what I went through, I've also been on quite a journey for the past 13 months about self-care, being your authentic self, journaling, meditating, and holistic care and now you will be on this journey too! ;) I got to a very low point and I needed to make life changes that would impact my life in a positive way in the long run. It's weird now when I think about it. How did I not share this part of my life with you yet? I mean you got glimpses if you follow me on IG stories, but not too much and this is the good stuff you guys!  

So from the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me to stumble and find my way again. Thank you for coming here and reading my posts all these years. And thank you for not giving up on me. You have my word that things will change for the better here on the blog! Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you make it a great day! xoxo 


Cassi L said...

❤️❤️❤️ It’s totally understandable to only share what you feel comfortable with at the time, and to go through ups and downs. I’ve always enjoyed your posts and I’m looking forward to what’s to come! 😊

Dressed With Soul said...

Oh, I really like how you have styled the skirt!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Balancing Lisa said...

Thank you so much Cassi! I really appreciate it.

Balancing Lisa said...

Thank you Rena!

www.chicute.com said...

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