April 6, 2020

Summer Bodies are Made Durning Quarantine

To begin with, thank you to all the first responders, healthcare workers, grocery store employees, delivery service drivers, essential workers, & everyone else putting themselves out there during this time. 

I used to think summer bodies were made in the winter months, but apparently that can all be undone in under two weeks of quarantine while baking daily and eating comfort foods. Grrrrr So, I decided to take this time to get my family on a good health track. It's so important to be eating healthy and also to be moving your body durning this time. Plus, don't forget to take your vitamins to keep your immune systems as strong as you can. So that's it then, I've decided. Summer bodies are made during the quarantine. I'm hoping habits we choose now stay with us long after! 

Since my knee surgery last June, this summer has been my goal for having better looking legs. I hobbled around from March of 2019 until June with two detached meniscus and waited for my surgery date. Then I recovered. By the time I was in physical therapy, I had atrophy on both upper thighs, the right one worse than the other. It's a humbling moment seeing your muscles hang loosely from your body, but I decided to face it with grace and patience. The more I went to PT, the better it got. By December I was back at the gym 4-5 x's per week on that bike pushing my knees as comfortably as I could. They are still not back to where they were, but that's OK, it's not a race... and it's not summer yet anyway! Anything worth doing is difficult, right? 

With 23 days of quarantine under our belt, we have fallen into new, healthier ways to deal with all the stress and anxiety we are all feeling lately. All four members in my home have daily chores and responsibilities so keeping a schedule has really helped us during this time. The following resources are also keeping our fitness goal on track. These are a few of our current favorites! 

Centr Fitness: Yes, Chris Hemsworth's app. It is seriously the best, with everything from workouts and meditation, to recipes and healthy lifestyle pointers. Currently FREE for six weeks! You have to sign up from the website, not the app to get this offer, but it is such a great tool you guys. 

Boho Beautiful Yoga: My family has been doing these videos 6 days per week for 3 weeks now. 
Yoga, travel, vegan food, pilates/fitness, and soul optimization. At the end of the day, we love her vibe! You can access yoga classes and meditation on her Youtube channel. You can also find her exclusive full length video library here

The Body Coach: My kids love this guy. Heck, I do too! This is my kids gym class if you will during the weeks of e-learning. We stream his Youtube channel right from our living room for the daily 30 minute sessions. He makes the kids break a sweat and we love how enthusiastic he is about what he does. 

If you are fortunate enough to be working from home, you are probably wearing more athleisure wear type outfits for everyday and not just for your workouts. I know I am! I do make myself get dressed and wear makeup a few days a week, as I feel my best when I do (to each their own), but I digress. This new sweatsuit from Fabletics has me feeling even better as it is from the new eco style collection. "Crafted from material made from recycled plastic bottles, this effortless outfit's designed to go easier on the environment. Look good (and feel good!) in our luxuriously soft set that's oh-so-nice to nature." What is not to love about that? I love the high waisted fit and the drawstrings on the sweatshirt are a super cute detail.

How are you stying active during the "stay home" orders? How are you guys all feeling? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xoxo 

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