February 17, 2022

Retold Recycling


When it comes to what happens to our clothing when we are done with it, we have a lot of options. Charities, reselling, swapping them with our friends, hand-me-downs, and then the garbage. Did you know that 32,000,000,000 pounds of clothing is sent to the landfill every year?! Retold recycling guarantees that nothing you send them will end up in a landfill! How wonderful is that?

There IS a subscription service option where you can have these bags sent to you throughout the year, or you can buy them in three packs or even in a single pack... I tend to buy them in three packs which end up costing me $12.84 per bag. I think what they do is SO worth that money! So here’s how it works, you can send them any textiles and they sort through it and give it to charities, thrift stores, up-cyclers, if it can’t be worn again, it’s turned into a rag, and if it's already a rag or fabric scrap and can’t be used again it’s ground into a pulp and used for many things. One of those things is insulation! How cool is that? Ok, so let me back up… you can send them any textile in any condition. So a lot of the items you usually can NOT donate and would end up in the garbage can be send to Retold. You can send underpants, bras with wires, old socks and torn masks… You can also give them fabric scraps and rags and old T-shirts with holes, and you can send them nicer items that are just looking for a new home! I tend to give a mixture of all three. I love the idea of an item of mine ending up in a thrift store somewhere! That’s definitely something that I can get behind! If I learned anything the last couple years it’s that if you want the world to change you need to put your money into places where those changes are being made. Seeking out brands who align with the changes you wanna see in this world and supporting those brands is key. For me, Retold Recycling is definitely something we will be using for years to come! I mentioned this was not sponsored but when you sign up you do get 15% off your first order link to share with your friends. So I’m gonna put my link below and if you feel like signing up and getting 15% off, use this. And then when you get your own 15% off link, invite all of your friends! https://www.talkable.com/x/1NoMmU


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